Unique Teaching Learning Process

Teaching and Learning are the two interconnected processes in imparting quality education. Learning follows teaching and teaching follows learning. Stronger the teaching learning process, stronger the quality education. JSPM has its own unique teaching learning process. The objective of this teaching learning process is to strengthen student’s overall skills and to get good university results. Thus, the process enables students to be  industry ready. JSPM’s unique teaching learning process begins when the academic year starts. To strengthen the student learning abilities, the students are divided into groups. Each group consists of 10-15 students guarded by a faculty member. The faculty member interacts with assigned student group at regular intervals and records student details like feedback, attendance, and learning problems.  The guardian faculty member takes personal care to improve the student’s skill and learning abilities. To improve their communication skills and confidence level, they are provided with a platform to give presentations, participate in group discussions and debates. Thus, JSPM has been showing tremendous results in the university examinations. Also, it has been producing university rank holders every year, being one amongst  the best colleges in every discipline. The training and placement cell conducts necessary training sessions to impart Logical, Interpersonal, Communication and Technical Skills. Through training, students get exposure to new technologies, thereby securing placements in the best industries.  Also, JSPM invites Industry experts and academicians to impart knowledge on  emerging technologies and industry trends.