Management Team

One Man Makes the Difference… … The Leader!

JSPM’s Management Team


JSPM’s believes that when a group member participates in solving groups’ problems, they learn a great deal about the technical complexities. Our management team is aggregate of individuals governing itself within the area of freedom allowed by its position in the JSPM’s hierarchy.
JSPM success story is nothing but effective leaders towards the accomplishment of the common objectives, a common vision of future.

JSPM’s management team has consistently created conditions under which all followers have performed independently and effectively towards the goal of achieving an extraordinary result for all stakeholders and society as a whole.

To sharpen the saw of JSPM we believe that……………
Where Vision is for 1 year, Cultivate Flowers
Where Vision is for 10 years, Cultivate Trees
Where Vision is for 100 years, Cultivate People.

We are marching ahead for the same vision of 100 years Plus (+)……