Principal’s Message



Dr. Bhadane Krishna P.





Education is a life. We make education a pleasurable process. We make the pupil teacher to think with reason and cherish creativity among them. We try to develop not only the subject knowledge of the pupil teacher. But also competency for the physical and mental fitness, leadership and greater awareness. Means that student’s all round development. Because we believe that teacher is a leader in the true sense.

J.S.P.M.’s Rajarshi Shahu college of Education (B.Ed) ready to face the challenges of a multi complex society. Also trying our level best for the placements of the student in various renounced institutions of Pune. I feel proud to say that my students will be able to take the responsibility get job-calls for schools and colleges. I wish them all the best for bright future
Yours Sincerely,

(Dr. Bhadane Krishna P.)