Guidance session of Tata steel Experts.

Name of Guests:

Mr. Ravindra Kulkarni
Div. Manager, Operational Management

Mr. pradip deshmukh
Sr. Manager HR & IR

Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited Ranjangaon, Pune

Mesa has recently arranged a Guest lecturer at new seminar ( A 103 ) hall of PVPIT and was flooded with a very good response. The inspirational words by our Honorable guests filled the air with a kind of energy and bringing the success of the event.
They discussed how can really we approach success and how important our moral and spiritual strength help us achieve it. The guidance was given not only to secure better engg. Career but to achieve a secured life.
The importance of our cultural values was explained by Mr. Rajendra Kulkarni in very simple way and tactfully. They presented their life experiences and guided how one should proceed to plan successful life… they made students understood the meaning of basics of management and many other things.The conversation was no longer a lecture and was totally based on two way interaction.
Mr. Pradip Deshmukh started with a story and indirectly put all his points in it. Both of the sessions went lecture-cum-workshop.Meanwhile, the winners of last two events organized by MESA: Poster presentation and Mega aptitude test, were appreciated by the guests. The trophy for winning poster presentation went to Rohit Ambekar And runners up trophy went to Team of Gauri- Mrulali and Ashish-Jaiyesh,While, the first prize of Mega-aptitude event Rs. 1000 went to Mr. Aniket B kamble And 2nd prize of Rs. 700 went to Mr Mohit Shinde.
The Felicitation of Guests has done by  Hon. Principal Dr. K. N. Barbole and Academic Dean Dr. R. V. Bhortakke. The Guests are Introduced by Prof. Prof. M.V. Khot. This Event is organized under Guidance of Prof. M.V. Khot Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Prof P. K. Parase and Prof P. M. Borade ( MESA  Co-Ordinators).

Mr. Nikhil gavali, the secretary of MESA, summarised the fate and vision of MESA. MESA president Mr. Gaurav Patil gave vote of thanks and ended an awesome journey.

For This Event vice Principal Prof. B. V. Pawar, all staff Members and More than 200 students were present.

Guest lecture on Energy Audit.

Guest lecture of Mr. Rajesh Kulkarni was arranged on 27th Aug. 2015 at 8:30 am to 11:00 am. In this hey had delivered lecture to all seven campus of JSPM Group by Video conference. In this they had cleared various things of this subject by industry point of view. After two hours lecture, he was interacted with BE students regarding different questions. Also he had given valuable guidance about career in energy sector.

Name of Guest: Mr. Rajesh Kulkarni, Manager –Energy Division  Thermax Ltd. Pune.

Experience: 25 Years


MEGA APPTITUDE Event was organised by MESA on  Jan. The students of SE, TE, BE participated in the event. Around 120 students participated in event. Event was conducted from 3.30 to 4.30 p.m. MESA coordinators organised and well planned the event & made it a grand success. Co-ordinators of this events are Gaurav patil,Nikhil gavali, Mangesh More, Mayank gangan, Sukhpreet Sahota, Nayan patil and staff co-ordinators are Prof, P.K.Parse, Prof P.M.Borade

Winners: 1st Aniket B.kamble (Cash prize Rs 1000/-)

2nd Mohit Shinde (Cash Prize Rs 700/-)

Guest Lecture On CAE

A Guest lecture held on 14 January 2016 .the topic for this lecture was “Basics of CAE”. Speaker for this lecture was Mr. Apporv Bapat who is sponsor of BAJA & SUPRA events also the Head of Static Committee of SUPRA Events.

The lecture was helpful for the B.E Students to understand the field of CAE & Finite Element Analysis.

Power Plant Workshop

One Day Faculty Development Program on Power Plant Engineering is successfully organized by Mechanical Engineering Dept, 23Dec 2015. This workshop is jointly organized by Savitribai Phule Pune University and PVPIT Mechanical Engineering department. This workshop is very interactive and fruitful for faculties who participated from various institutes across Savitribai Phule Pune University region. Total 70 faculties came from different institute to attend this faculty development Program.

In the first session, theory based syllabus is discussed. In this session key speakers explained the way of teaching methodologies, scope and limitations for the topics, and various reference books for power plant engineering subject. In second session demonstration of software has been carried out to understand the working of different power plants such as steam Power Plant, Nuclear Power Plant etc,.  In this session many faculties did hands on practice on IndiaSoft Power Plants software kit, which is very useful to analyze power plants working.

Course Objectives:

  • To develop an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.
  • To develop an ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints.
  • To develop an ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.
  • To develop an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice

Course Outcomes:

  • Ability to have adequacy with Design, erection and development of energy conversion plants.
  • Optimization of Energy Conversion plant with respect to the available resources.
  • Scope of alternative erection of optimized, suitable plant at the location depending upon geographical conditions.


  • (Dr.)R.K.PATIL ( Subject Chairman )
  • (Dr.) D.K.Chavan
  • (Dr.) Rupa Bindu
  • (Dr.)J.A.Hole
  • (Dr.) V.N.Raibhole
  • (Dr.) M.M. Lele

Engineer's Day

On the occasion of engineer’s day MESA organized poster presentation. For poster presentation ten topics has been provided to students.

This function was started at 1:30 pm on 15th Sept 2015. This was innogarated by different Idea i.e., By writing thoughts on Drawing Sheet by Hon Principal, Vice principal, Director, Dean and HOD’s of Mechanical Dept. Duration of this function was 3 hrs.

About 98 students participated in this event by full spirit. It was very great experience for these students, because they got platform to share their views by Poster Presentation.

Teacher's Day


Teacher’s day was organized on & 7th September 2015. In this event Respected Principal, Director, Vice Principal, Dean, HOD’s and all faculty members were invited. This event is inaugurated by lightning Samai  in front of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and God Saraswati. In this event Students sheared their views. Respected Principal Barbole Sir given valuable guidance by telling some hart touching examples. Students felicitated Respected Principal, Director, Vice Principal, Dean, HOD’s. This function is concluded by vote of thanks by student’s coordinators.

A one day workshop on “Theory of Machine” by Mr. Marut Tiwari. IIT Kharagpur

A one day workshop was arranged for T.E Mechanical Student on “Theory of Machine” Subject and delivered by Mr. Marut Tiwari (M.Tech) from IIT Kharagpur on date 28/08/2015. This workshop is arranged by Mechanical Engineering Department. In first half session of workshop importance of GATE Exam and opportunities are discussed. In second half session machines and its applications are discussed. Velocity diagrams and Acceleration diagrams for machine links are discussed. Some objective type questions are discussed and tricks are shared with students to solve difficult objective questions. This lecture is coordinated by Prof.J.M.Patil, Prof.P.K.Parse and Prof.M.V.Khot from Mechanical department

Guest lecture on "Career opportunities in Metrology and Quality control"

Mr. Datar who is working in Accurate Gauge Pvt. Ltd. at Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Pune, had given the very important guest lecture on the career opportunities in Metrology and quality control. He had guided the student about awareness of metrology and quality control in the industries. He told to the students, industry operate through 5 focused business units to deliver various solutions in the field of Metrology:

  • Standard as well as customized special 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) for prismatic parts, body-in-white production lines.
  • Measurement of jigs and fixtures and other Precision engineering components.
  • Auto Gauging Stations, Air Gauges and NABL accredited calibration services,
  • Standard Room Products, Calibration masters, Measuring tools,
  • Advanced Solution, Optical measurement systems from reputed partner.

Important points of Guest Lecture:

  • Importance of metrology and quality control for the industrial point of view.
  • Students understood the various linear and angular measuring instruments and their applications.
  • Students understood the calibration process with different international standards.
  • Student knew the different career opportunity in MQC.
  • Understood the different gauges like plug gauge, ring gauge used in industry for inspection.
  • Understood the different stands like ISO9000. TS16949 etc.
  • Understood the importance of CMM in industries.

Understood the various quality departments in industry like quality assurance, quality control, process engineer etc.

Industrial Visit at Accurate Gauges Pvt. Ltd, Pune.

Purpose of Visit: To study actual Calibration procedure in industries of measuring instruments and CMM.

Date of Visit: 7/10/2015, Tuesday (10 am onwards)

About Visit:

            This visit was arranged for the fulfillment of the syllabus of METROLOGY AND QUALITY CONTROL (TE Mechanical), as prescribed by SPPU, Pune. The main aim of this visit is to show the students, the actual Calibration procedure in industries of measuring instruments and CMM. This visit was Organized by Prof. S. R. Jadhav, Prof. N. T. Narale and Prof. P.K. Parse and permitted by Mr. Thakur (MD, Accurate Gauges Pvt. Ltd, Pune). Students had attended this visit who had observed following points during this visit;

  1. Working of different departments under metrological industries.
  2. Step wise procedure for calibration.
  3. Installation of CMM.
  4. Layout of the accurate gauges Pvt. Ltd. Industry.

Gain from this Visit:

  1. Students had been able to actually visualize the instruments for calibration.
  2. Students had been able to actually visualize the working of co-ordinate measuring machine.
  3. They will be able to correlate there theoretical knowledge after analyzing this practical application
  4. They will know Dos and Don’ts for the practical application of various measuring instruments.

Industrial Visit at Sant Tukaram Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana, Mulsi, Pune.

Date of visit : 1st, 2nd and 3rd sept. 2015.

Class of visit: SE (Mech) Div- (A,B,C,D& E)

The following activities have been undertaken during the visit

1. The welcome session of students and Professor are arranged by Mr. Kalokhe.
2. The presentation on sugar plant given by Mr. Kalokhe who elaborates the history of sugar plant.
3. Then introduced the various departments of sugar plant.
4. Principle and working of boiler shown at the boiler section to students.
5. Introduces to the solid fuel boiler plant and new package boiler.
6. Principle of fire tube boiler and water tube boiler shown through demonstration and also various mountings and accessories by boiler operator Mr. Atul Shendage. All specifications of boiler are provided by boiler operator.
7. Introduction to the chimney of  28m  height shown.

8. The industrial visit was helpful in providing the insight of the working of various units in a sugar Plant which will remain useful to the students for their future industrial interactions.

A Guest lecture on Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T) by Mr. Anant Bhise, owner of Mechwork engineers and consultant


A Guest lecture was arranged on Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T) for B.E Mechanical student. This lecture is delivered by Mr. Anant Bhise, owner of Mechwork engineers and consultant on date 20/08/2015. In this lecture Mr. Bhise explained the importance of Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T). Various examples and its applications are discussed. Industrial Components are given to participated students and actual measurements of these components are taken. Some Government project also discussed with students. This lecture is coordinated by Prof.J.M.Patil and Prof.M.V.Khot from Mechanical department

A Guest lecture on Drawing Reading by Mr. Kiran Lalsangi

A Guest lecture was arranged on Drawing Reading for B.E Mechanical student. This lecture is delivered by Mr. Kiran Lalsangi from 11 dot Academy on date 19/08/2015. In this lecture the importance of drawing reading is discussed with various examples. The drawings from industry components are given to participated students and discussion was made. Also Mr. Kiran is expertise in psychological research. So he did psychological study of participated students and motivated them for their career. This lecture is coordinated by Prof.J.M.Patil and Prof.M.V.Khot from Mechanical department

Guest lecture on 3D Printing by Himanshu Arora, Dimesionless Technologies

Date : 30/07/2015               Time 11.45 am

Mr. Himanshu Arora from Dimensionless  Technologies has demonstrated  3D printing technology on a 3D printer and also explained its application in various sectors. He explained that Three-dimensional printing, or additive manufacturing, is the process of using additives, such as plastic, to create a physical object based on a 3D model. Virtually anything designed using modeling software can be created by a 3D printer, including toys, instruments, jewelry, and even weapons. Some consider this technology revolutionary for its potential to create brand new types of products and eliminate costly and inefficient manufacturing processes. he also mention actually how it all got started although 3D printers have gotten a lot of attention lately, this technology is far from new. In 1983, Charles Hull created a process called stereolithography (SLA), which made it possible to form solid objects based on 3D models using CAD (computer aided design). Hull holds various patents that are still used in modern 3D printing. This technology was originally used for creating prototype designs as part of the manufacturing process. It wasn’t until recent years that 3D printing became affordable enough to reach a wide audience, which has driven more innovation and spurred a lot of media coverage.

He demonstrated how do 3D Printers Work.

He also outlined the challenges in this technology he told students that by looking through the steps outlined above might lead one to think that 3D printing is as easy as pushing the print button on one’s computer.