To provide quality education to produce the engineers having capabilities for research, excelling in professional career and    entrepreneurship, all with following good ethics.


To provide academic excellence in demanding areas of programme.

  1. To prepare graduates for carrier opportunities, placement, research and leadership.

3.     To inculcate sensitivity in graduates,  towards  society,                                   environment, human values and professional ethics.


PEO’s are broad statements that describe the carrier and professional accomplishment that programme is preparing graduates to achieve.

  1.  To provide excellent academic ambience by preparing the graduates to gain the ability to identify, formulate and solve hardware and software engineering problems.
  2. To make the student acquire good working knowledge of oral and written communication skills and interdisciplinary skills for solving real life problems and design interdisciplinary project work.
  3. To inculcate leadership ability among students. Motivate to participate in social activities and make the graduates competent for solving social problems following ethics throughout their lives

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