About Alumni

The PVPIT Pune Alumni Association (PPAA) is a registered association bearing registration number 412/2013/Pune.

PPAA has about 350 registered members and the governing body consists of nominated student members and staff of various departments.


  • To have a platform to establish links between the alumni, staff and current batch students of the institute.
  • To implement suggestions for improving in-house activities to make students more employable.
  • To increase liaison with industries through alumni’s to have better placements.
  • Participation of alumni in activities contributing to the general development of the department / institute.
  • To have expert guidance for current batch students by the alumni’s as regards of professional requirements and industrial / emerging technological trends.
  • To inculcate the culture for overall development of the institute through alumni contribution.

Constituted Managing Committee of PVPIT PUNE - ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (PPAA)

Sr. No. Name Roll Dept. Contact Number Email id
1 Mr. Harshal Pawar President E & TC 9028236695 harshal.p.pawar@gmail.com
2 Mr. Mahesh Chondhe V-President Comp 9158925151 mahesh.chondhe@gmail.com
3 Mr.Ankur Kapoor Secretary Comp 7022253007 ankur.rkapoor@gmail.com
4 Mr. Vikaysing Rajput Treasurer E & TC vijayraj8051@gmail.com
5 Mr. Kamalesh khollam Member Comp 7798424144 khollam_kamlesh33@yahoo.co.in
6 Mr.Nikhil Nikumbh Member Comp
7 Mr. Ganesh Gore Member Comp 9552545033
8 Mr. Ankur Raina Member Comp 9764678568 rainaankur@yahoo.com
9 Abbass Mujawar Member Comp 9049044968 abrar.mujawar@gmail.com

PPAA meetings :

Meetings are held at department levels as well as institute level annually so as to have suggestions, feedback and to decide the way ahead for overall development of all stakeholders.

Alumni Association activities committee

Sr. No. Name Roll Dept. Contact Num. Email id
1 Prof. Hemangi N. Patil Chairman E & TC 8888815901 hemangikb@gmail.com
2 Prof. Prashant Gore Member Comp 7507595680 prashantpvpit@gmail.com
3 Prof. V. P. Mali Member Mech Shift I 9158293282 vpmpvpit@gmail.com
4 Prof. D. L. Shinde Member Mech Shift II 7744011483 dlspvpit@gmail.com
5 Miss. Nikita Kulkarni Alumni   representative


6 Mr. HrishikehBagal MECH
7  Mr. RupeshSawant COMP