The PVPIT Pune Alumni Association (PPAA) is a registered association bearing registration number 412/2013/Pune.

PPAA has about 350 registered members and the governing body consists of nominated student members and staff of various departments.



  • To have a platform to establish links between the alumni, staff and current batch students of the institute.
  • To implement suggestions for improving in-house activities to make students more employable.
  • To increase liaison with industries through alumni’s to have better placements.
  • Participation of alumni in activities contributing to the general development of the department / institute.
  • To have expert guidance for current batch students by the alumni’s as regards of professional requirements and industrial / emerging technological trends.
  • To inculcate the culture for overall development of the institute through alumni contribution.

PPAA body for 2013-2015 :

President              :        Mr. Harshal Pawar

Vice President      :        Mr. Mahesh Chonde

Treasurer             :        Mr. Vijay Singh Rajput

Advisors              :        Principal PVPIT

                                       TPO PVPIT

PPAA meetings :

Meetings are held at department levels as well as institute level annually so as to have suggestions, feedback and to decide the way ahead for overall development of all stakeholders.