About Department

welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Department was established in the year 2006 and offers undergraduate program (B.E.) in Mechanical Engineering with intake capacity of 120 in I Shift and 120 in II Shift and 60 intake for Direct Second year. Mechanical Engineering to be the back bone of any industry with amazing versatility. The department of Mechanical Engineering strives to train students in mechanical engineering science as well as application of these scientific methods to conceive, organize & carry out scientific design of engineering system.

Dr. K.B.Waghulde
Professor and Head
Dept. of Mechanical Engg. (Shift I)
Contact (020)22948000
Email: kbwpvpit@gmail.com

Prof. D. B. Shelke
A.P. and Head
Dept. of Mechanical Engg. (Shift II)
Contact (020)22948000
Email: hodmech2.pvpit@jspm.edu.in

“To be an excellence centre for aspiration of young dynamic Budding Mechanical engineers to take the nation towards technological leadership in the field of Mechanical Engineering”

…Dr. K. B. Waghulde

“Mechanical Engineering to be the back bone of any industry with amazing versatility. The department of Mechanical Engineering strives to train students in mechanical engineering science as well as application of these scientific methods to conceive, organize & carry out scientific design of engineering system.”

…Prof. D. B. Shelke


To be a knowledge hub in the field of Mechanical engineering education for socio-economic development.


M-1: To impart knowledge of Mechanical engineering through effective teaching learning process.
M-2: To inculcate the spirit of innovation and creativity by active participation in development activities.
M-3: To promote enterprising abilities for the benefit of society by imbibing professional skills.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Graduate shall have ability:

PEO-1: To be a successful professional.
PEO-2: To deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for diverse domain.
PEO-3: To deal with contemporary and future societal issues ethically.

Program Outcomes

PO1: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to analyze, design and evaluate mechanical components & systems using state -of-the-art IT tools.

PO2: Analyze problems of mechanical engineering including thermal, manufacturing and industrial systems to formulate design requirements.

PO3: Design, implement, and evaluate mechanical systems and processes considering public health, safety, cultural, societal and environmental issues.

PO4: Design and conduct experiments using domain knowledge and analyze data to arrive at valid conclusions.

PO5: Apply current techniques, skills, knowledge and computer based methods & tools to develop mechanical systems.

PO6: Analyze the  local and global impact of modern technologies on  individual organizations, society and culture.

PO7: Apply knowledge of contemporary issues to investigate and solve problems with a concern for sustainability and eco friendly environment.

PO8: Exhibit responsibility in professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues.

PO9: Function effectively in teams, in diverse and multidisciplinary areas to accomplish common goals.

PO10: Communicate effectively in diverse groups and exhibit leadership qualities.

PO11: Apply management principles to manage projects in multidisciplinary environment.

PO12: Pursue life-long learning as a means to enhance knowledge and skills.


PSO Statement
At the end of this program, students will develop
PSO1 An ability to design solutions for thermal, hydraulic systems, design components and production processes that meet the specified needs with team work and management skills for safety, societal and environmental aspects through lifelong learning.
PSO2 An ability to use modeling and analysis software such as NX, Creo, CATIA, ANSYS etc. technologies necessary for obtaining quick, economical and accurate solutions of engineering problems.
PSO3 An ability to design electromechanical and automation systems in multidisciplinary environments through better communication

The department’s Curriculum programme includes a deeper study of number of engineering sciences to which the students are introduced at the core level, experimental solution of physical problems, techniques & method of design of system relevant to the contemporary industrial world. The broad areas include Energy Conversion & Power Systems, Heat Transfer & Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids & Stress Analysis, Manufacturing Science, Industrial Engineering, Automatic Control & Engineering Design.
The department of Mechanical Engineering has started Post Graduate programme in ME (Design) from the session 2012-13. And ME (Heat Power) from 2014-15. In the Post Graduate programme, the emphasis will be on enhancing the research activity.
The department is committed to produce the top class engineering professionals through academic excellence and quality education. The department has well qualified and experienced faculty members. A well equipped state of the art laboratory helps the students to keep in pace with the racing technology

An interactive relationship is maintained between the students and staff which enable the students to develop a sound foundation in the stream in a conducive environment. For the overall personality development of students, department has established ‘Mechanical Engineering Students Association (MESA), Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) chapter, ASHARE Chapter. Students  participating BAJA,SUPRA,& ROBOWAR Competition at National & International levels every year & getting First prize. Research activities are carried out for which we got funds from ASHARE. Under QIP to conduct FDP we got funds from SPPU.   Also, Mechanical Department has signed MoU with Parametric Technology Corporation, USA under the aegis of Super computer Acadmy Karad Satara for course CREO version 2.0. For Siemens PLM Program (SolidEdge, NXCAD, NXNASTRAN) Mechanical Department has signed MoU with Pearson Publications, under the aegis of A plus Educomp, Benglore, Karnataka.