English Methodology

An English workshop was conducted on 12th June,2015 at Prodigy Public School, Wagholi , by  Mrs. Aradhana Rana , who is the author of the book , English Matters: 1 to 8.

          The workshop gave us a detailed understanding on the different teaching methodologies that should be adopted by the teachers  for empowering the children with the knowledge  of English Grammar . It  also focused on guidelines to the teachers on making the grammar lessons  interesting for the children . The workshop helped us to understand the English Matter  book  more clearly and gave quick overview of the book which is based on different levels of Grammar.

                   The workshop was also activity based which gave us practical exposure and clear understanding. We are grateful to have such an exemplary   and remarkable workshop.


Different workshops were conducted in the  Prodigy Public School, Wagholi from 28th May to 4th June, 2015 by members of CBSE Board on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system to update the TGT teachers.

          On 28th and 29th June the workshop was monitored by Jayshree Venkataramana who is a highly dedicated and knowledgeable  person on CBSE system whose grit and determination to help the teachers with plethora of  suggestions was indeed laudable .

She dealt with CCE suggested subjects , their  attainment targets and academic standards . She  explained the nine point scale for Scholastic Assessment and also Co-Scholastic area . Teachers   were trained  to prepare anecdotal records. Their characteristics and purpose with vivid examples  of observed events and behaviors of students.

          On 4th June there was a second workshop  conducted by Seema Chinchore on Work Education . She gave details of activities for Class VI to XII in work education.

Objectives in cognitive , psychomotor and  affective  domain were made clear. Life skills were explained  and approach to develop them in students were discussed . Group activities were assigned and supervised by  the visiting  resource person .     Finally all teachers present were called individually for an interview to inform what resolutions they have made to improve their teaching in the forthcoming year.