Middle school section i.e. classes 6 to 8, Secondary Section i.e classes 8 to 10 and Higher Secondary Section i.e. classes 11 and 12 were taken for a field visit to Science Park at Pimpari-Chinchwad as an integral part of the curriculum.

In order to acquaint pupils with the broad outline of great scientific principles and with the ways in which these are exemplified in familiar phenomena  and applied in the service of man, Prodigy Public School and Jr. College had arranged this field visit. Total 1248 students with 85 escort teachers assisted by  non teaching staff made the visit successful. As it is rightly said that The study of science must be carried out by direct encounter with the material of the science itself, all students visited various sections of the science park, learnt more about science and technology along with the present day impact on industry and the environment. Middle school section enjoyed a lot at Automobile section. They were cleared about exactly how a motor vehicle is made; how the engine starts and works, the gear systems, safety measurements etc. Higher secondary section observed carefully the Energy Resources section as it is in their textbooks of  NCERT. The most loved section of the science park was the “Dino Park” where models of all types of dinosaurs are kept. Students were not only observing these models but also noting down the information about them.  After this section students visited Science Park where students enjoyed learning science by doing small experiments. They came to know practically how sound is created, weight is measured and the laws of gravity etc. Students bowed to the statues of great architect of science and technology in India: Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. Homi Bhabha, Dr. Jagadishchandra Bose,Dr. Hargovind Khurana, Dr. C.V. Raman etc. Teachers made the batches and the scientists at Science Park guided the students how and what to see and took recapitulation what they saw.

This field visit not only fostered the scientific temperament in them but also made them behave properly, align socially and follow discipline on their own. Students expressed their gratitude to the school for such arrangements and wished that they will come separately with their family and friends to ‘ Science Park’  again.



In terms of the communication received from the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India, it has been decided that 26th November 2016 should be celebrated as the Constitution Day in all schools affiliated to C.B.S.E. Board. (Circular no. Acad. 45/2016) so here in our Prodigy Public School (102) Level, Wagholi, the Constitution Day was celebrated with awareness initiative. A special assembly was conducted entitled ‘Constituent Assembly’ by the Class 7th E where Sharmishtha told about ‘Institutional Design of the Constitution of India’ while Dhanashree restated the Freedom Speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’. After that Nishi & Sanskriti told Facts about the Constitution of India. Vaishnavi threw light on Mahatma Gandhi’s view about the Constitution of India. Then Sharmishtha & Rudra made the audience aware about The Fundamental Duties of the citizens. Diya & Sangram presented their views about Basic principles of the Constitution of India. Then Deepanjali, Shlok and Sana told about Members of the Constituent Assembly who really struggled hard meditated for nearly 3 years to make our Indian Constitution.

After this special assembly class 9th C conducted Mass Recitation of the Preamble to the Constitution of India. They made a big preamble which could be visible to nearly 2000 students. Hon. Principal Mrs. Anuya Salve along with Vice principal Mrs. Reeju Kothat, Co-ordinators Mrs. Ashwini and

Mrs. Nusrat were present for the celebration. Mr. Sameer Mujawar, Mr. Mahendra Shinde and Mr. Gahininath Narangawade decorated the stage suited to the occasion. Mr. Hanumant Deshmukh anchored the programme and the music section was looked after by Mr. Pratik, Mrs. Gauri Pandit and Mrs. Priyanka Verma. Mrs. Sarika, class teacher of 7th E trained her students well for the special assembly. All the teachers and non teaching staff voluntarily helped to conduct ‘The Constitution Day’. This day made everyone realize the importance of the constitution and feel proud to have the biggest written constitution in the world .The values of National Integrity and Unity by the bondage to the Constitution of India, were inculcated in the students.


Date: 12/11/2016

 Co- scholastic activities are the essence of the school. To promote scientific temperament and language skills and boost the creativity of the students an “INTGRATED EXHIBITION” was held on 12th November 2016 in Prodigy public school. One week was given specially for the preparation of working models or for arrangement. The outcome was really praiseworthy. Right from class I to class XI exhibition was full of new ideas. They covered non- conventional energy resources, language games, geographical models, science, geology, astrology, hardware, software, history, physics, chemistry, biology, library, home science etc. Most of the students presented their exhibits to the parents, teachers and their colleagues in a lucid manner. As per the suitability of the visitors they were changing language pattern so that they could reach to the visitors.

The Campus Director Mr. Vijay Sawant, Assist. Campus director Mr. S.N.Patil, Principal Mrs. Anuya Salve, Various HoDs and Principal of other institutes in the campus also visited the “INTGRATED EXHIBITION”. They asked queries and undoubtedly they were answered by the students. Parents were very much pleased to see such innovative and creative projects. Some parents suggested some modifications to be done next time to certain project. Each subject HoD done the assessment of the project and selected the best “EXHIBIT” from each class.



Festival season is in its full swing and the moment for which the students had been waiting for ,the moment when they would celebrate Diwali in their school and go for a long Diwali vacation,has arrived.The tiny tots of Prodigy Public School celebrated Diwali on 25th of Oct 2016.The Prodigy Public School celebrated Diwali in a distinctively beautiful way.Kids and teachers came wearing rich and colourful traditional dresses and participated in several programmes .They decorated their class rooms with lanterns and diyas.The whole school was decorated with flowers,lanterns,diyas and colourful rangolis.The stage was decorated with beautiful rangoli and Goddess laxmi was worshiped before the start of the celebrations. Then the children  performed Ganesh vandana.The Sr.Kg children performed a dance also.The performance was thoroughly enjoyed by the students and the teachers alike. Principal Madam along with other teachers lit some crackers with the children.This way children enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the festival in the school.

Pune Municipal Corporation & Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Katraj
Rangoli Competition On Wildlife and Environment


 Pune Municipal Corporation and Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Katraj-Pune. jointly organized Street-play competition on 6th October 2016 on the account of “Wildlife Week”. This was organised with the intent of increasing student’s participation in environment conservation initiative. It was very crucial to initiate the actual action programmes in the community and school being the major driving force this was necessary to bring students to Zoo and share their ideas.

Class IX-B students were participated in the street-play competition. Under the guidance of teachers, students prepared 10min. play on sustainable use of the resources. Students were explained about the concept of sustainability with different examples. Intentionally minimum drapery was used to inculcate the concept. The dialogues were in Hindi to boost language skills. 10 students of IX-B class were taken to Katraj Zoo by the school with all the necessary tolls required for street-play.

The students conceptualize the theme, prepared script, practiced dialogues on their own. Students were provided with appropriate stage to express themselves with their skills and ideas. The presentation of the play was with great enthusiasm under the guidance of the following teachers:

 1.Shri. Hiteshwar Sakate

2.Dr. Swapnil Sheth

Traffic Awareness Day

Date : 06/10/2016

Place:  Swantryaveer V.D. Sawarkar Chowk, Karve Road Pune

To make Puneities aware about Traffic Sense and Traffic Rules, an initiative was taken by Pune City Police on 6th October, 2016. At 11 a.m., nearly one lakh students made human chain all over Pune city for Traffic awareness. The first citizen of the city Mayor Prashant Jagtap swore traffic sensing oath and all the present members repeated after him. Commisioner of Pune Ms. Rashmi Shukla, Collector Mr. Sourabh Rao, Direstor of JSPM Mr. Giriraj Sawant , Media representatives were present at the occasion.

Prodigy Public School participated actively in this initiative. Campus director Hon. Vijay Sawant , Asst. Campus Diresctor Hon. S.N. Patil, Principal Mr. Anuya Salve and Vice Principal Ms. Reeju Kothat  addressed students and showed green signal allowing the buses to move to join Human chain in Pune City.  110 students with 7 escort teachers reached at the destined place at 10.30 am. Teachers allotted  Swantryaweer V.D.Sawarkar Chowk, near Abasaheb Garware College , left side of the main stage for making human chain. All JSPM schools namely Jawant Public School, Cygnet Public School and Prodigy Public School made a long human chain covering the distance of nearly 3 kilometres. At Swantraweer V.D.Sawarkar Chowk signal, Prodigians congratulated the bike riders for wearing Helmet, requested head-phone wearers to remove it, asked the ladies to wear Helmet instead of scarf. They kept on telling continuously about the traffic rules. The commuters responded their earnest request. Some of them promised to get Helmet that day itself. The students pasted stickers on cars and bikes to spread the awareness about Traffic Discipline. From 10.30 am to 12.15pm the students and teachers were busy giving messages and spreading the traffic awareness and they were minding the traffic also.  Mr. Hanumant Deshmukh, Mr. Vijay Ghule, Mr. Imran Khan, Mr. Vishnu Salve Mrs. Vidya Deshmukh, Mrs. Vandana Phapale and Mrs. Usha Kumari gave oath to students. When Zee Media Pvt. Ltd. arrived there, they took one small interview bite with Prodigy Public School Students. Miss Praniti Kulkarni from 9th A Class and Miss Salina Tamboli from 10th D spoke confidently and gave message to all that such initiatives should be carried out throughout the country, then only we can save our life and save our nation and create a new identity for our Nation. The students boarded the bus to return to school keeping in mind what they sworn. They felt delighted and proud to be a part of such social programmes and wished it would continue in the future.

Trail to Know ‘Nature’

Date : 27/09/2016

An activity was conducted on 27.9.2016, Friday, for class 9 students.  The activity was entitled as ‘Trail to Know ‘Nature’. It was an informative activity by taking a stroll around the school campus. The school campus is rich with flora and fauna as it is situated near Bakori Hills. The principal of the school took initiative in this regard. In this session, all students gathered at ‘ A’ building of the school. Mrs. Kanchan Sharma escorted them and made the arrangements of observation of the trees and different plants in the school gardens. English Teacher Mr. Hanumant Deshmukh  briefly introduced most of the trees/ plants with their features, botanical name, local name and its usage and importance. The students felt delighted to know the local name as it is close to their daily life.

The school garden  is filled with attractive coloured flowery trees like The Scarlet Exora, medicinal plant Basil to purify air, two types of palm trees namely Royal Palm and Umumbrella Palm. At the school entrance Arbor-vitae ( The Comman Thuja)  is welcoming  with its evergreen  leaves in dome shape . Stage compound side  is embellished with The Lantana( Ghaneri)  with its evergreen leaves and dazzling coloured flowers. The students observed carefully the structure of leaves and flowers.

Then the trail continued around  the School Garden Play Area. Here the nature bestowed  various kinds of trees like Gulmohor, Copperpod, Peltraforum, Kadamb.  Neem, Jacaranda, spathodia, tall  Ashoka tree( Mast Tree) etc . Mr. Hanumant Deshmukh  explained more about these trees with special reference to ‘Vrikshagaan’ written by Mrs. Sharadini Dahanukar And Our Tree Naighbours by Venkatesh Chakravarti .Students tally the information mentioned there with real, neat and live observations. The fruit of Kadamb were green now and they observed the interior of that fruit. The Almond trees with different coloured leaves were very a feast to eyes. A slightly faster wind helped Copperpod to shower its yellow flowers on all of us. They trailed back to school.

This activity enabled them to observe nature carefully and utilize nature’s resource without any harm.

While returning, their mind was refreshed and the brain was trained to identify trees with proper names and indeed they must have listened and felt what the plants have said:


“Here and there and all around

In forests, fields, lakes and seas we are found.

You will find us everywhere

Where there is sunshine, water and air.

Thick and thin, big and small

Some are short and some are tall.

Stems, leaves, flowers and fruits we bear

You can make use of all our ware

Just be gentle and kind to us

We will look after you without a fuss.

Mother nature’s gifts are we

How blessed you are, you see.


As the name prodigy connotes an extremely talented person, especially a child, Lord Ganesha, the God of knowledge was established in Prodigy Public School. And “ Prodigy Ganesha” festival’s festivities began. Art teachers made a heavy weight idol nearly 40 kg resembling the famous ‘Dagadusheth Halwai Ganesh idol’.  A very beautiful  stone coloured temple was made by Mr. Sameer , Mr. Gahininath, and Mr. Mahendra.  The “ Pratishthapana” was done on 5th September which is scheduled as  ‘ Teacher’s Day’  all over India coincided with Ganesh Chaturthi so there was double celebration. As it was teacher’s Day, Mr. Chandrakant Kusalkar, senior teacher performed first pooja. It was decided that Ganapati will stay for five days in the school. Every day after the morning assembly Aarti was performed. Campus Director Hon.Vijay Sawant sir ,Assistant Campus director Dr. S.N. Patil, Principal Mrs. Anuya Salve, vice principal Ms. Reeju Kothat, Co-ordinator Ms. Ashwini performed pooja respectively. Students’ representatives both boys and girls were given a chance to worship Prodigy Ganesha along with the dignitaries.   On 8th September Mahapooja was arranged and the holy prasaad was distributed to all students and teachers. From the fifth day of Pratisthapana i.e. on 9th September immersion procession was done. Students teachers, office staff dressed in vibrant colours, singing ganesh songs and dancing bid farewell to beloved “Prodigy Ganesha”. They prayed  for universal peace and prosperity of mankind.

Friendly Ganesha goes Eco- Friendly.

There is always a trend that is predominant in every year’s Ganesh festival and this year the trend , rather than remaining  limited to decoration and celebration, had reached the idol. The friendly God is this time eco- friendly as well. Students of Prodigy Public School geared up for the preparation of making shadoo clay Ganesh idol on 2nd of September 2016. Art department led the innovative venture by guiding the students of classes VI to XII. Art teacher stated that “ Eco-friendly Ganesh idols are made of shadoo clay. Contrary to the plaster of paris clay that after immersion causes water pollution thereby affecting the aquatic plants and animals, shadoo is one material that gets dissolved in water. Students were advised to use colours made from fruits, vegetables and flowers to colour the idols.

Activity hall of the “ C” building had been converted into Ganesh idol making workshop for two days. Art teachers demonstrate each part with its significance so it had added into the beauty and the understanding Lord Ganesha. When this workshop was going on, the ganesh  songs were played to create an aroma of devotion and the students completed the colourful ‘ Ganesh idols’  Art teachers made a heavy weight idol nearly 40 kg resembling the famous ‘Dagadusheth Halwai Ganesh idol’. Campus director Mr. Vijay Sawant sir , Principal Mrs. Anuya Salve, vice principal Ms. Reeju Kothat appreciated and congratulated students for making such idols and caring for the nature.


Date: 23-08-2016

The eight day of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad is the Janmashtami day when faithful keep fast and joyously celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna. At prodigy public school Janmashtami programme commenced with ‘Dahihandi poojan’ This pooja was performed by Hon.Vijay Sawant sir accompanied by the dignitaries.  An introductory speech about Janmashtami was given by class 10th -A student Ms. Tanaya Khedekar. Her speech was followed by a Hindi folk song ‘ Chhoti Chhoti Gaiya Chhote Gwaal’  sung by class 6th H. Mr. Hiteshwar Sakate anchored the programme. Class X, XI and XII were given chance to break Dahi handi.Their efforts were accompanied by various Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi folk songs about Govinda. All students cheered their favourite team. Finally class Xi- Science stream broke Dahihandi and enjoyed the feast. The celebration concluded by distribution of Prasaad.

Independence Day Celebrated with the theme
‘ 70 Saal Azadi- Yaad Karo Kurbani’


‘Seven Decades of successive democracy
Seven decades of the most progressive economic policy
And seven decades of intellectual pride and intimacy’

As the entire country was celebrating 70th Independence Day, Prodigy Public School led Independence Day Celebrations with the theme ‘ 70 Saal Azadi- Yaad Karo Kurbani’as directed by CBSE, New Delhi at Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Wagholi Campus. Mr.Shivaji Sawant, president of JSPM institute was the chief guest of the programme. Students, teachers, professors, HoDs and principals of all colleges of JSPM campus were present at this occasion.  Mr. Shivaji Sawant sir hoisted the National Flag. Mr. Vijay Sawant, campus director, JSPM , Wagholi welcomed the chief guest and felicitated him. Along with A very impressive and awakening speeches given by Miss Iram Inamdar and Mast.Deepanshu Sharma were a treat for the audience. Sanskrit Patriotic song ‘ ye hi ye hi veer re’ was applauded a lot. E-learning was inaugurated by the chief guest Mr. Shivaji Sawant sir who said that ‘It is the need of the time to advance with modern technology, as Prime Minister urged all of us to be a part of Digital India, we, here at our Educational Institutes introduced E-learning. He congratulated campus director Mr. Vijay Sawant and Principal Mrs.Anuya Salve for this initiative. The celebrations concluded by singing of Vande Mataram and Sweets distribution. Master Ashish Patil, Miss Anagha Kukade, Miss Kajal Hargude and Miss Sejal Wabale anchored the programme.


Date: 13-08-2016

As India enters the 70th year of independence on 15th August 2016, 9th August 2016 to 23rd August 2016 is being celebrated as AZADI 70- Yaad Karo Kurbaani – Freedom Fortnight’ in Prodigy Public School in a befitting manner with a variety of cultural and literary activities to promote the spirit of patriotism among the students. On 13thAugust 2016, Patriotic Song Competition was conducted for the classes VI to VIII. From 9th August students with their class teachers held practice sessions regularly. From films, albums or their own, various songs were sung. Some were based on freedom struggle movement while many other were making aware about National Integration and bearing the pride of it.  Entire day was filled with the aroma of patriotic lyrics and music. Some groups arranged special props like small tricolor flags, slogans head-bands ribbons for their song. Music teachers assisted them. And the result is as follow:

Result :

Class- VI-

 Ist Rank- VI-H

IInd Rank- VI-B

III Rank- VI-C

Class VII-

Ist Rank-VII-D



Class VIII-




Mrs. Manjudha Deshmukh and Mrs. Priyanka Verma judged this competition while Mr. Rahul Kamble anchored the programme.

Poster making and Slogan writing competitions


On 30th July 2016, Poster making and Slogan writing competitions were conducted. For poster making the topics were given on the spot, so they prepared posters accordingly.  By preparing posters, they learnt to combine artistic skills and language skills effectively. The topics for poster making were

Save water,

Smoking is injurious,

Grow more trees,

Importance of reading,

Physical activities for health,

Road safety,

Importance of sanitation,

hazardous use of plastic etc.

and for the slogan writing competition the themes were


Blood donation,

Cyber safety,


Consumer awareness.

All students participated enthusiastically in these competitions. They came up with so many innovative ideas do awareness in  this regard.

Parents Teachers Association


A ‘ Parents Teachers Association’  was formed for the academic year 2016-2017 in Prodigy Public School. The school firmly believes that these duos only make student’s life mould into the right path. One week before the consents were send to all the parents right from Pre- primary classes to the Higher Secondary. Some parents were very eager to participate in such forums so immediately they agreed to the consent. Parents who agreed to be a part of this forum informed school by SMS, What’s App Messages or by meeting directly to the Office administration. The selected parents were assembled on 30th July 2016 in the school Auditorium. Campus Director of JSPM,Wagholi Hon. Vijay Sawant Sir, Asst. Campus Director  Dr. S.N. Patil and Principal as well as the teachers’ representative were also present. The parents and the teachers had a healthy discussion about the formation of

‘Parents Teacher’s Association’. Parents insisted that there should be an easy access via social media so new What’s App Group will be formed after completing technical assistance. Following members were selected in Parents Teacher’s Association:

Mrs. Anuya Salve became the chairperson while Mr. Santosh Narke became the vice chairperson Dr. Swapnil Sheth was chosen as secretary of PTA. Mrs. Preeeti Maru and Mrs. Pushpa Sarak were chosen as Join secretaries. Mr. Pandit Gade, Dr. Maheshkumar Wadadare Mr. Nitin Bhise, Mrs. Aishwarya Chavan, Mr. Pradip Adsare, Mr. Kusha Waghmare Mrs. Yogita Bochgire Mrs. Veena Kulkarni Mrs. Vanita Bhandare, Mrs. Vandana Shreevastav Mrs. Lakshami Rosia, Mrs. Bhargabi Maharana, Mrs. Ujjwala Likhande, and Mrs. Hema kulni were chosen as Parent Members. Mrs. Sheetal Swaminathan, Mrs. Pallavi Morey, Mrs. Sunita Shingate, Mrs. Deepali Kate, Mrs. Sonali Suryawanshi, Mrs. Ketu Bhatt, Mr. Prasad Kurde, Mrs. Deepali Hingane, Mrs. Asha Bhujbal, Mrs. Savita Sonawane,  Mrs. Jasdeep Kaur, Mrs. Shweta Pharandekar, Mrs. Rashmi Gupta, Mrs. Aarti Modi and Mr. Pritam Tupe were chosen as Teacher Members. Both parents and teachers decided to maintain the decorum of the school and bring the best of the students’ right to be called Prodigians.

Creative Writing Competition


For the academic year 2016-2017, various competitions were conducted this week at Prodigy Public School, Wagholi. On  29th July2016, Creative Writing Competition was conducted where classes IX to XII were given story writing. Students found this opportunity very interesting as they came up with so many imaginary ideas. They used vocabulary suitable for the stories. They have got this platform to enhance their English language skills.  And for the classes VI to VIII Essay writing was conducted. The topics for Class VI were ‘ A visit to an exhibition’, ‘There is no place like home’ , ‘Independence Day’ .  for class VII were ‘If I were the Prime Minister of India’ and ‘ Last Day on the Earth’. For class VIII the topics were ‘Child Labour’ and ‘Secularism in India’ whereas for Class IX the topic was ‘Importance of discipline’. Class X wrote an essay on ‘A visit to a historical place of your interest’.  For Higher secondary section i.e. XI and XII the topics were ‘IT and younger generation’ and ‘Value Education- A remedy for Social Evils’ were given respectively.  Class teachers and language teachers took initiative for these competitions, they guided the students properly and the students showed how they are reading extensively.

Gurupurnima Celebration


 After the summer solstice, it was the first full moon day ‘Gurupurnima’ alias ‘Vyaspurnima’.It is the birth anniversary of Sage Vyas who had gifted mankind the ever greatest guide in the form of an epic called ‘The Mahabharata’ So the stage where the scholarly persons obtain or deliver knowledge is called ‘Vyas peeth’ Prodigy public school celebrated this day joyously by adoring their ‘Gurus’. Students waited to celebrate this day and the day arose. All classes were decorated. Information about ‘Guru’ or the ‘Guru –Disciple relation’ was written on the boards. The main attraction of the celebration was at ‘C’ wing of the school building where The Campus Director of the institute Hon. Vijay Sawant sir along with Asst. Campus Director respected S. N. Patil sir, Venerable Principal Mrs. Anuya Salve along with Vice principal

Mrs. Reeju, Co-ordinators Mrs. Ashwini and Mrs. Nusrat graced the occasion.

The programme commenced with Saraswati Pooja. This Pooja was performed by Hon. Vijay Sawant sir accompanied by the dignitaries. Choir group sang Saraswati Vandana and some Slokas. The tiny tots performed a skit, which was followed by group songs and speeches by the students.

Finally, Hon. Vijay Sawant sir, Respected S. N. Patil Sir felicitated the teachers of Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary section and expressed his feelings that “WE are co-workers with the God and Gurupurnima celebration will keep us believe in it.” The programme concluded by vote of thanks expressed by the anchors.

Aashadhi Wari Celebration

Date : July 4, 2016

‘ Entire universe is my dwelling place’ this ‘ universality’ experienced by individuals like Saint Dnyaneshwar and Saint Tukaram spread all over the campus of JSPM institute, as little ‘Warkaris’ from Prodigy Public School done the ‘Pradakhsina’ of the campus and felt the essence of the Waari i.e. The Soul is the essence of every being’s life. God is the part of this essence. So the sole objective of Warkari in life is to ensure that the divine remains the part of the living experience.  A beautiful and colourful rangoli design was made to welcome the procession. These children along with their teachers participated enthusiastically singing Bhajans, chanting ‘ Ram Krishna Hari’,

‘ Gyanba Tukaram’, ‘ Vithoba Rakhumai’ all the way. They were dressed in traditional attires. It is the tradition in Maharashtra that the main ‘Mahapooja’ is performed by the State Head i.e.  Chief Minister so here also JSPM Wagholi campus head Hon. Vijay Sawant sir performed pooja of ‘Palakhi’ where the holy book ‘ Sri Granthraj Dnyaneshwari’ was kept. A boy and a girl from middle school section dressed up as ‘Lord Vitthal and Rukmini’respectively. After Maha aarti, the crowd of these warkaris proceeded for  pious procession as in Dindi. Cymbal players along with Mridang and Veeena players led the procession followed by malkaris and girls holding the holy basil plants on their head. Many students were interested to spread awareness regarding ‘ Environment Protection’, ‘Save Girl Child’ so they carried banners of awareness in various languages. Entire campus echoed with the chants. Abhangas, shlokas were sung. All age groups played ‘ Fugadi’ in pair, threes and in a group also. The procession was welcomed by respective department heads. This procession culminated at main school building after mahaaaarti and prasaad distribution. Students offered prayers to Lord Vitthal  and prayed for ample rain and a good yield. There is something more than a devotion which makes the legs walk, hands clap and mouth chant to revitalize ourselves and that was experienced through ‘Dindi Sohala’ as a  cultural heritage.

Parents Interaction Day

Date: 24th & 25th June 2016

 As scheduled in the Academic Planner, Prodigy Public School organised Parents Interaction day for Grade VI – VIII on 24th July and Grade Nursery – V on 25th July respectively; where parents and the teachers together owed for the better future of the students enrolled in Prodigy Public School.

Keeping the vision of the school in the mind, Prodigy Public School made the parents aware about their child’s overall progress. All class teachers of respective classes reported in detail about children’s progress. Parents were informed about various competitive exams going to be held during this academic year. Parents appreciated the efforts taken by the school for holistic development of the students.

As this year new Smart Class Technology is implemented for each class, the students are experiencing a good change in teaching- learning process. Hon. Principal thanked parents for attending ‘Parents – Teachers’ Interaction Day’ and hoped the same for extending co-operation from both the sides ahead.

Celebration of Second International Yoga Day

Date : June 21, 2016

The year 2015 was very auspicious for everyone  and a special to every Indian as the age old ‘Yoga’  practice established by sage Patanjali had been internationally acclaimed to celebrate 21st  June ( The biggest day in the northern hemisphere)  as ‘ International Yoga Day’. More than 170 countries supported the  proposal  put by Indian Prime Minister. The following year 2016 was mostly awaited as many people observed the positive impacts of practicing ‘Yoga’ everyday.

Prodigy Public School is constantly striving for quality in education that leads to higher quality of life. On 21st June 2016, the school geared up to celebrate the first birthday of ‘International Yoga Day’. The  founder secretary of the institute Prof. T.J.Sawant instructed all the heads of respective campus to celebrate ‘ International Yoga Day’ with great enthusiasm. Further the strong initiation was taken by the Principal Mrs. Anuya Salve. On the eve of this day all staff was trained by Sports Department. All the necessary arrangement was made. Students were instructed to wear sports uniform next day. Art and Crafts department beautifully decorated the Notice Boards stating the importance of ‘Yoga’.

On 21 June 2016, in the Morning Assembly, the importance of yoga was stated by the English teacher followed by Shantipaath in Sanskrit. First session was conducted in the school building itself as the ground was wet.  Special  Yoga Teachers namely Mr. Vijay Date and MR. Ramesh Kawatkar were called to give proper training to the students. Teachers escorted the students from their classes to the open spaces of the school buildings. They assembled themselves house wise namely Topaz (Yellow), Emerald (Green) Sapphire (Blue) and Ruby (Red). Sports Department arranged instructor’s places in the building A, B and C for Secondary, Middle School and Primary sections respectively. All class teachers co-ordinated well with the  Sports Department. The students seemed very keen to follow the instructions as they had experienced the benefits of yoga last year. They have been practicing yoga at their home regularly. Today they learnt some new asanas and breathing techniques.

For primary sections, after warming up exercises asanas like parvatasan, tadasan, padmasan, ardhachakrasan, bhadrasan, and shavasan were practiced. The middle school section was given practice of 15 asanas along with Suryanamaskars and for the secondary section 20 asanas were practiced. All teachers and instructors paid very careful attention to the body postures, movement made by the students. Teachers showed demonstrations for each and every asan. Students were facing East/ North direction which benefitted them from the electromagnetic system of the earth. Each session was concluded by reciting Shantipaath.  A specific pledge was sworn for this International Yoga Day stating universal brotherhood and growth of the healthy relations between each other, among family members, in the society, among the nations and finally all over the world for the creation of peaceful environment. The school motto is same as it is stated in the pledge To create a safe learning environment  in which everyone can work together and have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.’ As yoga conquers our body and makes it fit vehicle for the soul, let this rich and varied heritage of ‘Yoga’ flourish each year and we shall always strive to be worthy of it.


The 4th Science Exhibition was held in the premises of Prodigy Public School on 7th January 2016 amidst tremendous vigor and vitality. The whole activity was fructified as result of assiduous and sedulous efforts of the teachers, students. The guest of honor for the occasion was Prof. Vijay Sawant Sir, who was extremely content to see outcome of the endeavor displayed by the school. Many of the models had jaw-dropping impact on the observers and the impetors that it created among the audience. We could really see the mini scientist and their minds at work. They truly befit the name of the organization.


Amidst independence struggle, freedom fighters use to create patriotic songs as an inspiration to the compatriots. Throughout the history, there are evidence for songs and music playing a very important role in any strike or revolution to restore morality, order and justice in the country. Every meaningful movement will have music and songs in its background for a support.  Prodigy Public School in the spirit of Independence Day, organized a Patriotic Singing Competition for children on August 22 August 2015, where children made an awesome display of their unique talent


69th Independence Day was celebrated with full fervour and zeal.The programme commenced with the Flag Hoisting Ceremony by our Vice President Mr.Anil Sawant Sir and our Campus Director Prof.Vijay Sawant Sir.It was followed by National Anthem, Patriotic Song, Heartfelt speeches by the students .A march past was also conducted by scouts and guide students. Also on the same day, new head boy, head girl and prefects were given a charge of their duties, and batches were handed to them by the chief guest.


Guru Purnima was celebrated with much gust and galore all our India on 31st July, 2015 as a National Festival to express gratitude and reverence to the past and present scholars and teachers who dedicated their lives to the upliftment of the society. In Prodigy Public School the day was celebrated with equal zeal and fervour to show deep appreciation and respect for the impeccable diligence of their teachers.


Parents and Teachers together in co-ordination can contribute a lot in child’s growth and development in every aspect. With this purpose our school conducted a Parents Teachers Interaction Day where the parents and teachers as well put forward their views and suggestions for uplifting the child. The School Principal addressed the parents and also adviced them to put their efforts in attending and paying attention towards their children’s performance.


A good handwriting is lifelong investment for individual growth. It is an art that helps teach children muscle control and hand – eye co-ordination. The annual English Handwriting Competition was organized by Prodigy Public School for class I to IX on 13th July 2015 as an endeavor to promote good handwriting skills preventing it from anachronism in the days of technology

The International Yoga Day

The idea of observing an International Yoga Day  was first pitched by our Prime Minister , Mr. Narendra Modi in his address to the United Nations General Assembly on 27th Sep., 2014. Subsequently , 21st June was declared as The International Yoga Day by the UNGA on 11th Dec., 2014. The world celebrated its first Yoga Day  on the 21st of  June , 2015 which proved to be India’s Vedic gift to the  entire  world, a symbol of the civilization that India represents.

                             With The International Yoga Day the whole  world made a reverential bow to the hallowed mental, spiritual and physical discipline handed down to us through generations Yoga survived centuries despite many  invasions  because of  its adaptability and eternal Vedic quality .

   When  yogic exercises go deeper , yoga starts converting into yog . The body, mind and soul become one and we start connecting to the cosmic wisdom . When  one gets completely connected to the wisdom , the real yog happens. The mind stops producing any  thought and there prevails infinite happiness.

                   India’s this ancient discipline became a uniting force around the world on Sunday, 21st June, 2015, cutting across religions , borders and differences as over 20 crore people  participated in events to mark the inaugural yoga day held in 192 countries . It was celebration of the ancient Indian science and art. We saw our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra  Modi stretching and squatting at Rajpath, Delhi as a motivational force to the entire world.

                 Our  vibrating , enthusiastic Prodigians were not the least lacking in fervor and diligence to celebrate this memorable occasion . Special yoga sessions were planned by the highly motivated and inspired physical education teachers to allow student to experience the joy of yogic asanas  and  stretches . The P.E. teachers addressed the students on the importance and benefits of yoga followed by  demonstration of different asanas and their practice by students . The day ended with an inspirational quote from the P.E. Teacher.

                       “ Yoga is not a religion . It is a science ; a science of youthfulness   integrating body, mind and soul.”

Story Telling Competition

Story telling competition was held on 15-09-14 , All the students participated actively in the competition . The moto of the competition was to increase Students confidence level and stage daring .Obsevation was done on the basis of voice modulation ,Presentation, Pronunciation and moral of the story. Competitions always help students to seek their own hidden qualities.

Winner of Story Telling Competition






Rishita Maru


 Tisha Bhat


 Gauri Kadam



Madhura Tikekar


Fatima Khan


Mansi .M



Sakshi Sharma


 Pooja Pillai


 Bhakti More

English & Hindi Handwriting Competition

Handwriting competition was conducted on 16/04/14. All students participated in the competition. The idea behind the competition was to motivate and encourage the students to write in good and legible handwriting.

Winners Of English Handwriting Competition






 Shreya Rathod

 Vaishnavi Lawande

 Sejal Wable


 Jadhav Aditya Kailash

 Kumari Poonam Baleshwarrai

 Shastri Vaibhavi Mehul


 Siddhi Deshmukh

 Tabasuum Shaikh

 Aniket Kumar Vishwakarma

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English Poem Recitation competition was 27/06/04. All students actively participated in the competition .The sense of poetic device was brought into light. Students were explained how to recite the poem with proper rhythm, in to nation and tone.

Winners Of English Poem Recitation Competition






 Tisha Bhatt


 Srushti Yenkar


Akshita Kumari



 Janhavi Praveen Patil


Kajal Kailash Hargude


 Vaidehi Santosh Korke



 Pooja Pillai


 Dhanraj Khulpe


 Prakhar Pranjape

C.C.E Workshop

C.C.E workshop for the teachers held on 6th and 7th June 2014 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, in the school. Two days training was given by Mrs. Rashmi Sharma (Instructor) .

In the training we were intimated or acknowledged about C.C.E pattern, F.A.,S.A, Grading system life skills etc. Various activities were taken for understanding the parameters of evaluation. Activities such as group discussion, one act play , question making and other group activates also taken. Teachers showed keen interest and participated in all activities with zeal.

Teachers were free to ask questions, regarding C.C.E. They were satisfied with the answers of the trainer.It was really useful experience for the teachers.