Finger Printing Activity

Prodigy Junior Kidz always strives for creativity, imagination and new ideas among our tiny tots. To nurture these qualities among our students, we always conduct different activities and competitions in our school. The Finger Printing Activity was conducted on 13th of April 2017. Finger Printing is often the very first painting experience children encounter. As they apply paint on their little fingers, it involves complex movements of the hand that can build hand – eye co-ordination, muscle control and dexterity. Kiddos were given different pictures and were guided to fill them with their finger print. Children were very excited and loved the activity. They dipped their fingers in different colors and created beautiful pictures like fish, peacock, tree and doll dress.

Picture Talk Competition

Prodigy Junior Kidz conducted Picture Talk Competition on 26th of April 2017. Children prepared different pictures on different topics and explained the pictures in their own words.  Junior children were given topics on ‘Transport’ and ‘In the Mall’.  Senior children were given topics on ‘Railway Station’, ‘Market’, ‘Post Office’ and ‘Circus’. Children had created beautiful pictures of their respective topics and tried explaining them in their own words. In the final round, three students were selected for first, second and third position. Our honorable judges were Safoonisa Shaikh and Jayaprada Biswal and appreciated the vocabulary and presentation given by the children.

Parts of the Body

Prodigy Junior Kidz believes in ‘Learn with Fun Method’ of teaching. In this pattern of teaching, children learn different things by ‘Play Way Method’ or ‘Activity Based Method’. From 24th to 28th of April 2017, the kidz celebrated ‘Parts of the Body Week’. In this week, each day one or two parts of the body or organs were explained to the students by activity and play method. Body parts were introduced with their uses and importance were explained through activities.. The children participated enthusiastically in different activities and enjoyed a lot.

Paper Crumbling Activity

Prodigy Junior Kidz had organized paper crumbling activity on 16th June 2017. Paper crumbling activity helps children, develops their motor skills and makes their grip stronger. In this activity, every child was involved in crumbling the different colors of paper. It was very an exciting activity for the children.

Rainy season was the theme for this activity; the children enjoyed a lot in crumbling the paper and making various shapes out of it. Nursery children made umbrellas, junior children made different shapes like carrot, octopus, boat, mango and senior children made the sun, tree, rainbow, flower and butterfly. The children put in a lot of effort to make this activity a grand success. Teachers guided the children to complete the activity.

Sensory Organs Week

Keeping with the theme of my body in mind, the five senses were introduced to the children through demonstrations by the teachers and a variety of hand-on activities for the children to do. The teachers arranged enjoyable practical demonstrations for the children to experience each sense organ which excited their curiosity. Blind fold of the eyes, musical chair to improve listening, different kinds of smells, different types of tastes, touch and feeling the experience of different textured objects by rubbing their handover on the objects were the different types of games and activities conducted.

International Yoga Day

Prodigy Junior Kidz celebrated ‘International Yoga Day’ on 21st June 2017. Importance and benefits of yoga was introduced. Our yoga teacher was the instructor for the event. Events started by performing ‘Surya Namaskar’ where the tiny tots were instructed to follow the steps properly. At the end of the yoga session, ‘Meditation’ was conducted and a spiritual environment was created in the school which relaxed the minds of the children and teachers.

Eid Celebration

Prodigy Junior Kidz celebrated ‘Ramadan Eid’ on 23rd June 2017. Songs, dances and skits were performed by the tiny tots. Children understood that this important festival gives importance to devotion, charity and helping human beings.

Principal – Parents Interaction Day

 As scheduled in the academic planner, Prodigy Junior Kidz organized ‘Parents Interaction Day’ for  Nursery – Senior K.G. on 24th July  2017 where parents and the teachers together vowed for the better future of the students enrolled in Prodigy Junior Kidz.

Keeping the vision of the school in mind, the parents were briefed about their child’s overall progress, events and activities scheduled for the A.Y. 2017-18.

All class teachers reported the details to every parent about  his / her child’s progress. Parents were informed about various competitive exams going to be held during this academic year. Parents appreciated the efforts taken by the school for the holistic development of the students.

As ‘Smart Class Technology’ is implemented in each class, the children are experiencing innovative methods in the teaching- learning process. The Principal Mrs. Nusrat Shaikh thanked the parents for attending ‘Parents – Teachers’ Interaction Day’ and hoped the same would continue.

Family Week

Prodigy Junior Kidz celebrated Family week from 27th June 2017 to 30th June 2017.  Through the concept of ‘Family Tree’, children were introduced to the members of a family. A skit was organized in which the children were dressed up like Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Uncle, Aunt and Cousins. In the skit, children showed incidents on how the family members love and take care of each other.

Drawing and Coloring Competition

On 29th June 2017, Prodigy Junior Kidz conducted the drawing and coloring competition. This activity was organized to explore the creativity in children and offer them a platform to show their skills in drawing and coloring. Children participated earnestly in the competition and came up with their amazing artwork in drawing and coloring.

Junior kids colored the balloon and colored the car. The senior kids drew and colored the picture of umbrella. The best three pieces of artwork were selected by the judges of the competition.

 Palkhi Celebration

Prodigy Junior Kidz organized a ‘Palkhi Celebration’ on 3rd July 2017. Every child participated in this festival. Children had dressed themselves up in the traditional attire needed for this special occasion. They were briefed in simple language on the importance of this celebration.

Doctors’ Day

“Doctors are creation of God”. On 7th July 2017, Prodigy Junior Kidz celebrated ‘Doctors’ Day’.  Dr. Sachin Varma (BHMS, CCH, CGO, and General Physician) was invited for the occasion. Senior kids enacted as patients and Dr.Varma examined the students and found the cause of their sickness. He explained the importance of healthy food and asked the kids to avoid junk food. Dr. Sachin Varma gave valuable information to our children.

Guru Purnima Celebration

In Prodigy Junior Kidz, Guru Purnima was celebrated on 10th July 2017. The kids chanted the Sanskrit hymns and it was explained by the teachers in simple language. A skit on ‘Dronacharya and Eklavya’ was performed to understand the relationship between the two. All the classes and soft boards were decorated.

The traditional rituals were performed by the Principal Mrs. Anuya Salve of the Primary and Secondary Section accompanied by other dignitaries. She felicitated the teachers of Pre-Primary Section.

Sponge Dabbing Activity

Sponge dabbing is versatile art activity that can cater to any lesson theme and can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Children loved sponge dabbing activity conducted on 14th of July 2017 in Prodigy Junior Kidz where the children learnt about shapes, colors and how paint gets absorbed into the sponges. It also offers a quick and simple way to make colorful artworks.

Tree Plantation Week

Monday, 17th July, 2017

Importance of Plants

Students were given valuable information on the importance of trees, plants, their uses and their usefulness to us in the form of shelter to birds and give fruits and vegetables. Children were told how the trees protect us from heat and rain.

Tuesday, 18th July, 2017

Parts of Plants and Trees

Children were given information about the different parts of plants like roots, trunk, branches, leaves and fruits.

Wednesday, 19th July, 2017

How Does A Plant Grow From A Seed?

Children were informed about how plants grow from small seed/pulses. Charts, sprouts and images of a baby plant were used as teaching aids by teachers. The chart depicted various forms of seeds and their transformation to small plants and then trees.  Children experimented to sow the seed in the pot, water the seed and were told how sunlight and soil are important for the seed.

Thursday, 20th July, 2017

Save the Trees

Teachers performed a skit which showed the importance of saving trees and planting more trees. They took pledge to save trees and plant more trees.

Friday, 21st July, 2017

On Friday, Tree Plantation Activity was conducted.

Poem Recitation Competition

Prodigy Junior Kidz conducted the poem recitation competition on 21st July 2017. Children prepared different rhymes and performed them with actions and expressions. The children brought beautiful props related to their rhyme. In the final round, three students were selected for the first three positions by the honorable judges Mrs. Chetana Patil and Mrs. Seema Pereira. The judges applauded for the expression, clarity, voice modulation, memory and the confidence of the kids on the stage.

Green Day Celebration

On 27th July 2017, Prodigy Junior Kidz celebrated Green Day. All the pre-primary children and teachers were dressed up in green. Children brought green colored objects with them. Green vegetables were brought and the benefits of eating them were explained. Children enjoyed the celebration and various activities were conducted related to ‘Green Day’.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

On 4th of August 2017 Prodigy Junior Kidz organized ‘Rakhi Celebration’ for the students. The students and teachers wore colorful traditional attire for the occasion. The classrooms were decorated with beautiful ‘Rakhis’. Girls brought ‘Rakhis’ and boys brought toffees.

Flowers and Fruits Week

During ‘Flowers and Fruits Week’, a special assembly was conducted. Different kinds of flowers and fruits were shown to the children and information was given of each of them. The uses of flowers in our daily life and what they give us in return such as perfumes, oils, and honey was told to the children.  The benefits of eating fruits every day and the vitamins fruits give us to stay healthy were explained to them. On the last day of the week, the children enacted the role of flowers and fruit vendors. The delicious fruit salad activity concluded this interesting activity of the week.

Janmashtami Celebration

Prodigy Junior Kidz celebrated ‘Janmashtami ‘festival on 11th August 2017. Children came in their traditional dress. Teachers told about the birth of Lord Krishna. Tiny tots became a part of the celebration along with the primary and secondary section students. For the first time, the tiny tots  witnessed the exciting ‘Dahi Handi’ which was broken by the senior students.             

Clay Modelling Competition

Clay modelling is one of the activity based methods to develop fine motor skills in children. Children get a chance to develop their creative, aesthetic and social skills too. The competition was held on 18th August 2017 at Prodigy Junior Kidz. The children prepared different models where their inherent talents were displayed.

Vegetables and Pulses Week

Prodigy Junior Kidz recently organized the vegetables and pulses week. The tiny tots were given information on the importance of vegetables and pulses, why they should be involved in a daily diet, and how they are rich sources of proteins. An interesting activity for the children was arranged where they had to stick different kinds of pulses on different cartoon characters.               

Leaf and Vegetable Printing

Prodigy Junior Kidz conducted the vegetable printing activity. Printing activity helps children to improve their eyes and hand co-ordination fine motor skills and aesthetic skills. We had organized different printing concepts for each and every class based on their keen interest. Leaf and onion printing activity was organized for all. Junior kids created a peacock with onion and capsicum printing whereas senior children created a flower pot using ladies’ finger printing. All children participated in the activity with great enthusiasm.

Shlok Chanting Competition

Prodigy Junior Kidz chanted shloks in Hindi and Sanskrit. Some children chanted the shloks with correct pronunciation. The top winners were applauded and rewarded for their effort. It has been researched that chanting shloks gives profound physical, mental and emotional benefits. It indirectly helps keeping the mind alert and sharpens the intelligence.

Greeting Card Activity

Prodigy Junior Kidz conducted a greeting card activity on 11th September 2017. Kids were taught the importance of greeting card, how to make the greeting card using different stationary and creative ideas. A different theme was chosen for each and every class. Nursery kids made different greeting cards like colorful balloons, cupcakes with messages written on it and junior kids made cards for mother’s day, father’s day, children’s day with very beautiful designs using different color stones, buttons and glitter. Senior kids made greeting cards of a Christmas tree, flowers, ice-cream and Butterflies.

Celebration of National Language

Prodigy Junior Kidz organized “Hindi Divas” on 14-9-2017. Students were enlightened on the importance of Hindi Divas. Children presented some Hindi poems, slogans with great enthusiasm. ‘Hindi Handwriting Competition’ was organized for celebrate our National language.

A Week of Emotions and Feelings

Students were able to determine separate types of feelings that they would have toward others, places, and objects, and placed them on a scale from the most intense feeling to the least intense feeling. These included feelings of love, goodwill, sadness and happiness.

Prodigy Junior Kidz organized a week of emotions and feelings from 18th September to 22nd September where activity based teaching and learning was conducted.

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy dress competition was the most awaited event as it is always a pleasure to watch the toddlers dressed up as different characters and stuttering away in their speech. The children came forward displaying their vibrant costumes. The judges praised everyone. It was indeed a mesmerizing event which would be etched in our memory for a very long time.


Prodigy Junior Kidz organized ‘Yoga Week” on 25the September 2017. Yoga helps to live a healthy lifestyle and better life forever. Every child performed various asanas. For one week, the children performed 12 ASANAS.


Prodigy Junior Kidz had organized “DUSSERA CELEBRATION” on 29th September 2017.


In Prodigy Junior Kidz ‘Yellow Day’ was celebrated on 3rd October 2017. All the classrooms were beautifully decorated. All children came in yellow dress. Teachers had also come in yellow dress. All the children were shown many objects related to yellow color and its importance was explained. Activities related to yellow color were conducted in all the classes.


Celebrating festivals and offering prayers to God brings us from darkness to light, gives power to do good work and brings us closer to the divinity.

Diwali a festival of lights and happiness, a festival of removing darkness, a festival of sweets, and a festival of prayers was celebrated In Prodigy Junior Kidz on 13th Oct 2017. Our kids had worn colorful dresses. The school distributed lanterns and sweets to them.