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Prodigy Public School is situated in the Lush green pollution free environment at Wagholi on Pune – Nagar high way and is about 18 kms from Pune Railway station.   

A Picture perfect view of the school with serenading greenery all around drives home the message “back to Nature’’.

“Education in its holistic form at the school is the pivot around which the functioning of the school revolves.”

The foundation of this unique school was laid way back on 12th June 2006. with classes from Nur. to std. V with 47 students & a Staff of 13.  Now the seed has grown to big huge tree in the vicinity of Wagholi campus. i.e. Prodigy Public School, wherein now the present strength of the school is 2468 students with highly qualified Required staff and now will gradually go up till std XII.

“Prodigy” means a Child with exceptional abilities or a child who has extra ordinary talent. !!!

Our endeavor is to make each and every child of our school an excellent Prodigy in life as a true citizen of the Nation and worldwide.

We are at the junction where one chapter closes and a new one begins. It is overwhelming to know that we now count 7 years of the inception of our school.

The learning of education evolving and the effort will never cease at Prodigy.

What a journey it has been! A journey of faith with each year, having its own triumphs and struggles and yet unique in many ways.

At Prodigy through the process of education, we endeavor to provide our learners with “ wings & roots .’’ Wings to score fearlessly while being firmly rooted to our culture & thereby negate any possibility of ever going astray. Prodigy school will remain a land mark in the re-inculcation of the golden era and we will take world in our stride. So the focus today in teaching has shifted from Traditional Schooling to Enriching Schooling & Empowering Schooling. Teaching is no longer teacher centered. It is  student centered, under CCE evaluation. Here the teacher has to assess the student’s progress in fluency, accuracy & clarity in oral language abilities through communication based activities.

To improve the teaching learning process i.e. to formative & summative assessments are made throughout the year and improve the listening and reading skills of students.

The learners retain more information by what they “do” as opposed to what is “heard”, “read”, “Observed”. The research led to the Development of the cone of learning which is widely use in primary schools to improve the quality of teaching learning in the classrooms. Today this “Learning by doing ”  has become known as “Experiential learning ” or “Action/active learning ”.

It reveals that “Action/active learning”techniques result in up to 90 % retention. people learn best when they use perceptual learning styles which involve hands on Method of teaching through experiences. perceptual learning styles are sensory based. The more sensory channels possible in interacting with a resource, the better is the chance that many students can learn from it. According to Dale, teachers should teach through activities that build upon more real-life experiences. The educational institutions today are rapidly adopting the Methods which represent the Dales theory in order improve there quality of teaching learning.


After our unbeating and everlasting efforts, we have achieved one of the finest state of our educational carrer with the help of continuous and unending support and hard work of teacher, we, Prodigian, had received one of the feathers in it’s cap to lighten the world a step towards excellence as our name. The students of Std. X had passed  their CBSE Board Exam With 100% result. Where as we had achieved the first rank with 95.5%.

As a School, we have also stepped in a new era of education. As our school was selected as a centre by CBSE Chennai. We have successfully conducted the entrance test of JEE i.e Joint Entrance Exam.  Besides that we have also provided a centre for NEET, which is an entrance exam for BDS & MBBS.

In short we are moving towards the successful, lightening & brightest future of our school. Prodigy was a nutshell with lots of protection. All my dear teachers were in  constant source of inspiration towards life. They helped the students to cultivate a healthy attitude.

“Education is not about earning a living. It is about making a life!” We strongly believe that just acquiring knowledge doesn’t lead to education, but using that knowledge in real life situation is what makes an individual educated. Real learning cannot happen unless an experience is attached to it and so we follow the activity-based-experiential learning methods.

Our Approach & Method

“If a child is not able to learn the way we teach, then we should teach the way they learn.”

The pre-primary curriculum is designed around the 5-step Experiential Learning Method that replaces the one step telling approach

The themes are introduced through an Aim. This is followed by an Activity, Analysis, Application and then Assessment.

The approach primarily focuses on the following Six important domains of a child’s development.

  •  Personal, social and emotional development- To Provide a smooth transition into the wider world from home and to be able to manage & take care of oneself. The end objective is to develop strong self-image and esteem in each child.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world- To be able to find out the significance of the environment, people & place in their lives by using problem solving skills, experimentation, prediction, questioning and decision making a child can co-relate himself with the wirld he lives in.
  •  Physical development- To eanable children to develop fine & gross motor skill & understand  how there body works. Motor development includes gross motor & fine motor & co-ordination related activities such as
    a. Brain Gym     b. Eurhythmics.   c. Calisthenics    d. Craft     e. A host of fine motor activities.
  • Language, communication and literacy development- To be able to explore and enjoy the world in languages.
  • Mathematical development- To develop their understanding of numbers, patterns, shapes and space through exploration & practice.
  • Creative development- To help children to explore & share their thoughts, ideas & feelings through a variety of mediums like art, music, movement, dance & role play activities.Creativity & self-expressions skills development Dance, Art, Painting, Drawing & coloring

Innovation in Teaching Methodology

The Most important aspects of learning is developing capacity for abstract thinking. The students learn in a verity of experiences like reading, experimenting, listening, thinking, reflecting, writing & expressing oneself in speech etc.

Thus conceptual understanding can be developed by engaging students actively in learning process. Where at Prodigy active involvement involves exploration, enquiry, questioning, discussion and reflection leading to creation of ideas. Through our technology enabled classrooms & well equipped laboratories we attempt to expose our learners to the marvels of science and technology. On the other hand to inculcate scientific temper and spirit of enquiry we have a wide range of activities & clubs such as Robotics.

Our carefully selected cultural activities at school aim to sensitize students and promote our unique legacy of ancient culture and rich tradition amongst them. Simultaneously we also consistently make efforts to nurture the student’s interest & creative abilities through diverse activities so that each learner is able to realize his/her hidden potential, develop a broad outlook and imbibe a positive attitude towards life.   

Sports and physical fitness occupy a place of importance in our curriculum, not only because they ensure healthy living but also for the positive attitude and dynamic personality of students.


1. Name of the School PRODIGY PUBLIC SCHOOL
2. a) Complete Address with State &Pin Code

b) Tel No. & STD Code

Gat No-720(1&2) Bakori Road, Pune Ahmednagar Highway Wagholi, Pune-412207.020-65101748,020-20264982


3. Year of Establishment 2006
4. Present Status of the school Senior Secondary i.e.+2 upgradation level with Science Stream
5. Name of the Society/Trust running the School with complete address. Jayawant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, S.NO 80, Pune – Mumbai Bypass Highway, Tathawade, Pune – 411033.Ph No:020 –  22933423, 22934345


6. Registration Permanent Registered as per Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 & Society Act 1860.
7. Association with other Schools Sahodaya School Complex Cluster Pune.Gurukul School S.No 136 off University Road, Near Vijay Co-op Housing Society, Pune 411016.Annexure-4.
8. NOC Details NOC No.2007(877/2007)/SE-1

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JSPM’s Prodigy Public School
Gat No. 720(1 & 2) Waghoil, Pune-Ahmadnagar Highway
Tal Haveli, Dist Pune 412 207
Phone No: 020-65101748
Email – jspmpps@rediffmail.com/principaljspmpps@gmail.com