Mrs. Suneeti Joshi

(B. H .Sc, B.Ed., M.P.M., D.S.M.)


Obliviously myself as the principal of the school I would like our school to be amongst “A” category schools of the city, shining in all areas whether in academics or in co-curricular areas. If I think 10 years from now, I would like to see our children getting into the best of colleges and succeeding in any field that they may have chosen for themselves.

Be sincere in your work. Do your best at all times in whatever you undertake. Keep a goal in mind and work towards achieving it. Be ready to take any challenge that comes before you. Sometimes it is necessary to take one step back. It does not mean you are unsuccessful or have failed. It shows that you have the strength and the courage to get up and start again and move towards achieving your goal. I wish all my teachers, staff and students every success in their life.