MBA Academics



The MBA curriculum was revised by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) to bridge the gap between the industry and the institutes. We offer all 10 specializations, namely:-

  1. Marketing Mgmt
  2. Finance Mgmt
  3. HR Mgmt
  4. IT Mgmt
  5. Operations Mgmt.     
  6. International Business Mgmt 
  7. Supply Chain Mgmt.
  8. Technology Mgmt
  9. Rural and Agri-Business Mgmt.
  10. Family Business Mgmt.                

Project Training

It involves Summer Internship Project. It is a full time training in the industry ranging from minimum 50- 60 days.  The students are required to work in their chosen specialization in a specific Organization or a Company.

UOP Examination

UOP Examination

Time Table