Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory aims to be a cynosure in churning out veritable quality of learners whose fundamental chemistry is crystal clear by providing the facility to carry out hands on experiments in Chemistry laboratory to the first and second semester as well. The laboratory is very well furnished and well stocked with chemicals and equipment.

Physics laboratory

The Department has a well-equipped physics laboratory with very fresh ambiance. The laboratory facilities have focused on the engineering physics practical and are fully equipped with a good quantity of equipment’s more than the prescribed in the syllabus. All the equipment’s and apparatus are of good quality and in working condition. Students utilize physics laboratory in the first and second semester as well as for their final projects and for some innovative mini projects.

Language laboratory

The language laboratory of the institute is developed under the MODROBs of AICTE funding. AICTE has granted Rs. 8,46,000 for the modernization of the Language laboratory under MODROBs scheme. The English Language Lab is designed to enhance students’ language skills, thus increasing employ ability and ensuring a successful career. Language Lab is offered to enhance students’ competence of using English in day to-day communication and to provide students a forum to test his/her language skills and perfect themselves for the competitive streak. It makes the teaching and learning of language highly enjoyable and pleasurable.