The Institute offers hostel accommodation for girls and located at the campus. Hostel fee is based on three seater rooms or two seater rooms including electricity charges. Hostel is provided with one common kitchen cum mess units for girl students. Every member of the hostel is provided with basic amenities like cot, table, chair, ceiling fan, cupboard. Each hostel is equipped with solar water heating system. Common room facilities with Cable TV and telephone are available in hostel building. High speed Wi-Fi Internet connectivity is available within hostel premises. We have canteen facility also within the hostel premises. Alongwith all these facilities, strict security is provided 24*7.
All attempts are made to provide hostel accommodation to as many students as possible.

Facilities in the hostel

1) Mess/Canteen facility
2) Indoor & Outdoor Games
3) Uninterrupted power & water supply
4) Round the clock security
5) Cooled and purified drinking water
6) Solar hot water system
7) Telephone facility
8) Recreational facility and Emergency Medical Services
9) Round the clock Ambulance facility available within hostel premises.
10) High speed Wi-Fi Internet connectivity
11) All leading Marathi and English newspapers available.
Hostel timings

Girls Hostel in time: 9.00 pm
Rules (major)

1) Girl Students are not allowed to leave the campus without the permission of Chief Rector/Rector.
2) Violation of hostel rules can attract strict disciplinary action.

Prohibition on Ragging

As per Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999 and UGC Regulations on Curbing of Menace of Ragging in the Higher Educational institutions – 2009, Ragging is a cognizable criminal offence. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within or outside any educational institution. Students found guilty of any form of ragging will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions under these rules including cancellation of admission and imprisonment.

Hostel Rules and Regulation

For more details, please contact hostel office.