Guardian Faculty Member (GFM)

 JSP has a strong record of introducing and maintaining GFM activity. Under this activity one faculty member is responsible for group of 15 students. This faculty member needs to possess all the information regarding the student- starting with personal to academics. This helps in monitoring the students’ extracurricular activity and his/her academic performance. Under the GFM activity, daily phone calls are made to the parents of absentee students and letters are sent to the parents every month informing them of their ward’s academic performance and attendance. With this, we try to achieve maximum attendance (greater than 85%) and in turn excellence in academics. Frequent interaction with parents brings in weakness and talent of the students. This matters a lot in understanding the student’s attitude towards academics.

Counseling is a strong activity carried out by GFM. Parental counseling is also done in some cases. Counseling has brought in wonderful results– like, relief from peer fear, more understanding of one’s own talent and weakness, remedial measures for personal problems, strong bonding between faculty and students.