The Institute has well-organized library having separate reading section & reference section. The library regularly subscribes to renowned national & International Journals and periodicals on relevant pharmacy subject as well as magazines for general reading. Library has books on Encyclopedia, management & on Computer skill.

In Library, pharmacy-related dictionaries are also available. We used to give more than three books to each student at a time. The Institute has providing Digital Library & Net facility to students & staff. Students have access to the wide range of CDs having technical relevance, which will enhance their knowledge and augment their studies. To enhance general knowledge of students we keep various kinds of Newspapers. Institute has planning to give Book bank scheme to students.

Digital library-

We have Digital library facility available for the students of J.S.P.M.’S Jayawant Institute of Pharmacy.

Book bank scheme-

We provide Book Bank Scheme and maximum 4 books can be issued on one library card.



To provide a platform for easy access to latest & comprehensive information
of different pharmacy related aspects which will enable the users to serve the
profession & society.


To act as a platform for fulfilling learning resource requirement.
Maintain contemporized learning tools as library resources.


To Provide conducive to learning by maintaining updated learning Resources.
To support Institute Mission, by providing constructive environment for
learners through updated library resources and service

Function Of Library

To propose library budget for the Institutes.
To propose library activities, programmes and services.
To propose library vision & Mission strategy document.

A Library is a hospital for Minds.

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Sr. No. Year  E Links EBook Subject
1 2014-15 Anatomy & Physiology  Human Anatomy & Physiology
2 2014-15 No Animal Food & Nutrition & Diet with Vegetable Recipes  Health Education & Community Pharmacy
3 2014-15 Epidemiology Health Education & Community Pharmacy
4 2014-15 Biochemistry Biochemistry & Clinical Pharmacy
5 2014-15 Food Remedies Facts About Foods And Their Medicinal Uses Pharmacognosy
6 2014-15 Pharmacognosy Pharmacognosy
7 2014-15 Inorganic Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry
8 2014-15 Common Science Common
9 2015-16 Hematology Human Anatomy & Physiology
10 2015-16 Family Medicine Health Education & Community Pharmacy
11 2015-16 HIV/AIDS Health Education & Community Pharmacy
12 2015-16 Handbook of Advances in  Medicinal Plant Research Pharmacognosy
13 2015-16 General Medicine Pharmaceutical Chemistry
14 2015-16 Organic Chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry
15 2015-16 Pharmacology Pharmacology & Toxicology
16 2015-16 General Medicine Pharmacology & Toxicology
17 2015-16 Medical Dictionary Common
18 2015-16 Pharmacology Action & Uses of Drug Pharmacology & Toxicology
19 2016-17 Embryology Human Anatomy & Physiology
20 2016-17 Emergency Critical Care Health Education & Community Pharmacy
21 2016-17 Biochemistry & Microbiology Health Education & Community Pharmacy
22 2016-17 Biochemistry & Microbiology Biochemistry & Clinical Pharmacy
23 2016-17 Pharmaceutics Pharmaceutics
24 2016-17 Metals in Medicines Pharmaceutical Chemistry
25 2016-17 Metals in Medicines Pharmacology & Toxicology
26 2016-17 Pharmacy Careers 360 Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
27 2016-17 Online Durgs E resources Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
28 2016-17 Pharmacy Careers 360 Drug Store & Business Management
29 2016-17 Online Durgs E resources Drug Store & Business Management
30 2016-17 E-Books Directory Common

Q.1 How long am I entitled to issue the book and can I renew it?
Answer: Students can borrow books for a period of 30 days. Borrowed books can be renewed once. Your renewal request will not be accepted if the book is heavily overdue or in demand by others.

Q.2 Can I borrow current or back issues (bound volumes) of journals?
Answer : Current issues of any journal are issued to only faculty members. Faculty members and Ph.D. students can borrow back issues (bound volumes) of journals for a period of a week.

Q.3 Which are the books that can be issued to Library members?
Answer : You can issue books for home lending, but Reference and Rare Books are not issued.

Q.4 How do I find a particular book in the Library?
Answer : To find a particular book you can use the Autolib Software Else you can contact the Books Circulation Desk or use Manual Card Catalogue in the Library.

Q.5 What are the working hours for the Library?
Answer : The JSPM’s Jayawantrao Sawant Institute of Pharmacy Library remains open between 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (8.30 am. to 8.30 pm during Exam period) on all working days except 1 st and 3 rd Saturdays of the month, Sundays and Govt. holidays.

Q.6 How can I access CD-ROMs which are available in the Library?
Answer : Central Library has a good collection of CD’s which amount to 10. To access these CDs we have PCs with DVD player.

Q.7 Can I use the Library card of my friend on his behalf?
Answer : Nobody is allowed to borrow books from the Library on someone else’s card.

Q.8 How do I get books and journals xeroxed in Library? What portion can be xeroxed?
Answer : Deccan College Library provides Xerox facility to its users. The charge for an A4 size Xerox page is Re. 1/-. Entire book/document is not allowed to be xeroxed. Periodical articles can be xeroxed. Ph.D. Theses and Dissertations are not permitted for Xerox.

Q.9 Can I upload my own software or personal files on the Library PCs?
Answer : This is strictly prohibited.JSPM’S , JAYAWANTRAO SAWANT INSTITUTE OF PHARMACY, Hadpsar, Pune. JSIPH, Library Facility

Q.10 Can I use the Library terminal to access email and chat?
Answer : Library workstations are intended only for searching the Library Catalogue, Database and access of electronic resources, hence personal use of the same is strictly prohibited.

Q.11 Can I copy Question papers from the Intranet?
Answer : Yes, you can.

Q.12 Where can I find previous year exam papers?
Answer : Printed copies of previous year exam papers are available in Circulation Section and on Intranet.

Q.13 I like to use pencil for notation, is this considered as damage?
Answer : Any form of marking or writing in a book, whether it is with pencil or pen, is not permitted. Folding of corners of book is also prohibited. Anyone vandalizing a book in this way is liable to be charged a fine to cover the cost of book and also can be banned from using Library.

Q.14 How will I know about arrival of new books and journals in the Library?
Answer : The newly added books are displayed in Periodicals Display Section monthly and Journals are displayed weekly. Even quarterly list of newly added books is kept along with this.

Q.15  Are the books arranged subject-wise in the Library?
Answer : Books are arranged on the shelf as per subject classified order (According to Colon Classification Scheme).

Q.16 How can I get a book that someone else has borrowed?
Answer : You can put a demand slip at the Circulation Counter for the same.

Q.17 What do I do if I lose a book?
Answer : You should inform circulation staff immediately and replace the latest edition of the same book. If the book is out of print or not available in the market, then you have to follow the instruction of the Librarian.

Q.18 What do I do If the book I borrowed is damaged?
Answer : If the damage is minor you have to pay binding charges else you have to replace it with the new one.

Q.19 In case I have lost my Library card?
Answer : Loss of the Library card should be immediately reported to the Library membership/registration desk. The duplicate card shall be issued on the payment of Rs. 10/-. JSPM’S , JAYAWANTRAO SAWANT INSTITUTE OF PHARMACY, Hadpsar, Pune. JSIPH, Library Facility

Q.20 Are outsiders allowed to avail the Library membership facility along with book Borrowing facility?
Answer : Outsiders can avail Library casual membership facility for the specific period provided they are permitted by the requisite heads of the department and the Librarian. Casual membership is offered only for reference purpose. Casual members are not entitled to borrow books. However, they can avail the photocopying facility. Identity card or recommendation letter of their Institute is necessary.

  • Organizing Training session for use of various resources available in the library.
  • Display of available facilities at prominent location in all department.
  • Celebrating Readers day.
  • Organizing events for creating awareness among the user for utilization of library resources.
  • Displaying latest arrivals.
  • Arranging Library Orientation programmes for New Students.
  • Request faculties to design appropriate assignment which motivates the students to use library resources.
  • Recommend the best resource to the user.
  • Declaring best user of the Month.
  • Rewarding the best user of the year.
  • Visiting Other Library department for keep ourself abreast off the reforms in library science.
  • Enhancing readership through interaction with students and faculty members
    Extending better services to reader like, Conveying availability of demanded
    book/ Journal, etc.
  • Maintaining Previous year subject wise MSBTE Question Papers for students & staff.
  • Drafting policy for appropriate use of library for student and Faculty members.
  • Analysis of demand and use of given title by faculty and students.
  • Change in timing of library for its utilization considering availability. of time for user.
  • Faculty must give the Literature survey assignment to students.
  • Organizing book exhibition in Institute for awareness.
  • Prepare Year wise activity plan.
  • Ensure data up-dating on institute web site.
  • Maintain MOM.

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulation
1 SILENCE & CLEANLINESS should be strictly maintained in the Library
2 Books Will Be Issued Only On Production Of Borrower’s Card.Each Student is eligible for 1 (one) Nontransferable Library Borrower Card, on
which he/she can borrow ½ Books for a Period of 8 Days. Apart from the books issued through Library Book Bank Scheme.
3 All the Students should RETURN their Library Borrower Cards after of their Course and obtain a NO-DUE Certificate from the Library.
4 While borrowing the Book(s), the student is advised to ensure that the Book (s) are in PROPER condition. If any Page’s are MISSING or DAMAGED inform the same to the Library Staff on Duty.
5 The students should get the borrowed books CHECKED and cooperate with the Library Staff.
6 Avoid making Pencil / Pen Marks, Underlining, or any other type of Damage to the Book(s). If any such things are noticed at the time of returning the books,the Borrower will be held RESPONSIBLE Strict punitive action will be initiated & he/she will have to submit new book in the Library
7 In case the Book is lost, the Borrower has to REPLACE the Same Edition or the LATEST EDITION of the Lost Book. If the Book is not available Borrower has to pay Two times the COST of the Book.
8 Borrowers should RETURN the books ON or BEFORE the Due Date.Defaulter will be punished by not issuing the books for following ONE week.
9 REFERENCE BOOKS & JOURNALS are NOT for ISSUE and they should be referred WITHIN the Library & Information Centre only.
10 Cell Phone talking and using of MP3 players are NOT allowed inside the Library
11 Students are advised NOT to Exchange the Library Cards.
12 Students are NOT allowed to take more than one copy of the Same Book.
13 Students are advised not to keep any valuables in their bags kept outside the Library counter. Library Staff are not responsible for any such loss.
14 All Students Are Expected To Maintain Silence While Inside The, Library.
15 . Consult the Library Staff on Duty for any other information or Clarification
16 If you have any Problems in the Library, Please contact the CHIEF LIBRARIAN in person