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Seminars and Workshops

Knowledge Sessions:

Seminars and Workshops form an integral part of learning at JSIMR. These give students opportunities to expose themselves to knowledge dimensions from learned and eminent. It gives them a platform to interact, debate and involve in the subject.

Our Knowledge Pool:

Name of Speaker Topic
Mr. Amitabh Mehta Living The Life To The Fullest With Management Education
Ms.Desiree Alex Expectations Of Corporate From MBA Students
Mrs.Poonam Kulkarni Hobbies And Its Importance On Personality Development
Mr.Girish Joshi Personality Development
Mr.Sumedh Gupte Welcome to the New world of MBA
Ms.Mugdha Wagh Business Intelligence -Analytics: Consulting & Training
Mr.Venkat B. S Effective Ways of Learning Simple English
Mr.Shantilal Hajeri Reading Style of Economic Times
Ms.Jyoti Sangira Corporate Communication
Mr.Ujal Bhattacharyajee Performance Management
Mr.Ravindra Chaudhari Building up Right Attitude
Mr.Suresh Dodwadkar Global Minds, Indian Roots
Mr.Indraneel Datta Media – With Indian Context
Ms.Swati Joshi Business Foreign Language
Ms.Poonam Joshi Business Foreign Language
Mr.Kishor Borate Marketing Strategies in FMCG
Mr.Kapil Kucheriya True Management Techniques
Mrs.Mridula Chordia Risk Management
Mr.Dharmesh Mehta Business HR
Dr.M.S Mangale Opportunities for MBA’s to Explore
Mr.Shirkant Bhojkar Learning and Grooming Managers in India
Lt.Col Sameer Kulkarni 211 Degree Attitude
Mrs.Rajashree Shide Preparation of Project Report for Summer Implant Training
Mr.Ashish Jadhav Stock Market Analysis
Ms.Meenakshi Shirskar Emerging Trends in Human Resource
ICICI Team Members Career Opportunities in Insurance Sector
Mr.Anand Shukla Marketing Communication
Mr.Chakrawarti Birje Corporate Etiquettes & Culture
Ms.Vihanga Bhosale Group Discussion
Mr.Samir Shaikh Personality Development
Dr.B.B Jain Pharma Marketing