Workshops/Seminars conducted

Workshops/Seminars conducted:

Academic Year 2017-18

1. Computer Network workshop of two days conducted on 21-July-2017 & 22-July-2017 conducted by Qaidjohar.

 2. Workshop of one day of Computer Lab I conducted on 9-Sep-2017 conducted by Vaibhav Pathare.

 3. Workshop of two days of Softskill Development Lab conducted on 15 Sep 2017 conducted by Kushal Sharma.

 4. One day workshop of Object Oriented Programming Lab conducted on 29-Sep-2017 conducted by Saket Nimbhargi.

 5. Soft Skill Seminar of one day conducted on 21- AUg -2017 conducted by A. A. DANDAVATE.

 6. Latex Seminar of one day conducted on 23-Sept-2017 conducted by Prof S.B Badhe.

 7. One day Seminar of DBMS-HADOOP conducted on 29 Sept 2017 conducted by Kushal Sharma.

 8. One day Seminar of Computer Lab II conducted on 2-Sept-2017conducted by Saket Nimbargi.

Academic Year 2016-17

1. Workshop On Python conducted on 20/09/2016 conducted by AkshayKhole.

 2. workshop on VHDLProgramming conducted on 24/9/2016 conducted by Sachintaware.

 3. Latex workshop conducted on 22/01/2017conducted by Swati Badhe.

 4. Hadoop workshop conducted on 24/2/2017 conducted by Kushal Sharma

 5. Soft skill training program conducted on 17/03/2017 conducted by Rashmi Marathe.

 6. CL-III workshop conducted on 25/03/2017 conducted by PranitBhor, Mr. VaibhavPathare.

 7. workshop on Microprocessor Lab conducted on 27/3/2017 conducted by SachinTaware.

 8. OOP using JAVA conducted on 28/06/2016 conducted by  Saket Kumar.

 9. Seminar on Speech processing as a application of DSP conducted on 15/3/2017conducted by  C.A Manjre.

 10. Industry Expert Project Guidance for BE conducted on15/07/2016 conducted by Sagar Kale.

Academic Year 2015-16

1. Workshop on Hadoop conducted on 14/08/2015 conducted byHrishikesh Aranke. 

2. Dot Net Workshop conducted on 20/08/2015 conducted by Rushikesh Kevare.

 3. Workshop on Ethical Hacking conducted on 15/09/2015 conducted byNavnath Kamble .

 4. Elements Seminar for BE Project conducted on 22/08/2015 conducted by  Karan Kamble.

 5. Seminar on CL-II & SSDA conducted on 10/10/2015  conducted by  Nivedita Birud.

 6. Fedora Installation conducted on 15/10/2015 conducted by Manish Raj

 7. Seminar on GATE preparation conducted on 26/12/2016 conducted by Wani M. S.

 8. Leading the right path conducted on 9/1/2016 conducted by  Pravin Kolhe

Academic Year 2014-15

1)Training Programme on “CL-I” BE Computer students conducted on 12 Sept,2014 conducted by Prof D.P.Salapurkar, SCOE Vadgao, Pune.

Objective of the programme: 

  • To make student more compatible with CL-I practical’s.
  • To make student more reliable with tool lEX and YACC.


  • Code optimization
  • Code generation.

  2)  A two days workshop on Hadoop & Advanced Java for BE Computer students    conducted on 13th and 14th March, 2015 by Hrishikesh Aranke.

  3)   A two says workshop on Soft Skills for SE Computer students conducted by Rashmi Marathe on 3rd and 4th February, 2015.

  4)  A one day seminar on Latex for TE Computer students conducted by Prof. Swati Badhe on 10th Feb, 2015.

Academic Year 2013-14

  1)  Workshop on Ethical Hacking conducted by Bhushan Patil, Wegilant Net Solution     Private Ltd,Powai-76 Mumbai India, collaboration with IIT Bombay on 7 Oct 2013 to 8 Oct 2013  for two days.
      Objective of the programme:

  • To aware the students with basic of Ethics and Hacking.
  • To learn to gather information from goole.
  • TO learn   how to protect form fishing and attacks.
  • To learn basic steps for cyber securities.


  • SQL Injection
  • Getting login credentials using SQL injection.
  • Live demonstration of Attacks
  • Server side validation
  • Preparation for man in middle attacks
  • Identifying victim Routing table Modification
  • Cache Poisoning.
  • Countermeasures against MITM attack.

 2) Workshop named “Cyber Cure Technology” held  on 31 july 2013 to 1 Aug  2013 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm for two days. .(Acadmic Year 2013-14)

      Objective of the programme:

  • Learn to secure information over Internet.
  • To learn authentication and authorization process
  • To make secure transaction over Internet..