Workshops/Seminars conducted

Workshops/Seminars conducted:


  1. a) Academic Year 2014-15

 1)Training Programme on “CL-I” BE Computer students conducted on 12 Sept,2014 conducted by Prof D.P.Salapurkar, SCOE Vadgao, Pune.

      Objective of the programme: 

  • To make student more compatible with CL-I practical’s.
  • To make student more reliable with tool lEX and YACC.


  • Code optimization
  • Code generation.

   2) A two days workshop on Hadoop & Advanced Java for BE Computer students conducted on 13th and 14th March, 2015 by Hrishikesh Aranke.

3) A two says workshop on Soft Skills for SE Computer students conducted by Rashmi Marathe on 3rd and 4th February, 2015.

   4) A one day seminar on Latex for TE Computer students conducted by Prof. Swati Badhe on 10th Feb, 2015.

b) Academic Year 2013-14
  1) Workshop on Ethical Hacking conducted by Bhushan Patil, Wegilant Net Solution Private Ltd,Powai-76 Mumbai India, collaboration with IIT Bombay on 7 Oct 2013 to 8 Oct 2013  for two days.
      Objective of the programme:

  • To aware the students with basic of Ethics and Hacking.
  • To learn to gather information from goole.
  • TO learn   how to protect form fishing and attacks.
  • To learn basic steps for cyber securities.


  • SQL Injection
  • Getting login credentials using SQL injection.
  • Live demonstration of Attacks
  • Server side validation
  • Preparation for man in middle attacks
  • Identifying victim Routing table Modification
  • Cache Poisoning.
  • Countermeasures against MITM attack.

 2) Workshop named “Cyber Cure Technology” held  on 31 july 2013 to 1 Aug  2013 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm for two days. .(Acadmic Year 2013-14)


      Objective of the programme:

  • Learn to secure information over Internet.
  • To learn authentication and authorization process
  • To make secure transaction over Internet..
  • To learn basic steps for cyber securities.


  • Basic security technique for cyber and Email.
  1. c) Academic Year 2012-13

    1) Three days workshop on Computer Hardware & Networking for supporting staff members of all departments  at JSPM level conducted on 20th to 22nd June 2012, organized by Computer & IT department of JSCOE, Pune.

    2) Two hours session conducted on “Soft Skill & Business Etiquettes” for SE & TE students on 7th Sept. 2012, by ACE Language Academy delivered by Mrs. Bhagyawati Nair.