Library Rules
  1. The normal loan period for books is one week. Students can get 2 books issued at a time for 07 days. Fine imposed on borrowers for late return as per library rule.
  2. Borrowers have to produce their library card while borrowing library books. Books may be reissued if there is no claim on it.
  3. No books or library materials may be taken out of the Library until the loan has been recorded. Unauthorized removal of library materials is an offence.
  4. Current issues of journals/magazines, Reference books/materials are to be used only in the Library. IP based E-resources are accessed from any computer lab in Institute campus.
  5. Overdue books: Books must be returned by the due date or earlier if recalled by the Librarian. Failure to return a book by the date specified will be treated as an offence.
  6. Loss or damage of books: Students should check the books before issuing them. At the time of return if the books are torn or pages are missing, the borrower will responsible for the damage. Loss of books, if any, should be reported to the library immediately and it should be replaced with a new copy of latest edition along with a levy of overdue charges if any.  If the book is one of a set or series, the whole set or series has to be replaced.
General Rules
  1. I card is must for using reading hall and make the entry for using reading hall.
  2. During college hours students need to take permission from HOD for using reading Hall.
  3. Consumption of food is not permitted inside the library.
  4. Silence has to be observed in the library.
  5.  Keep your cell phone on silent mode to maintain sanctity of Library.
  6. The library staff on duty has the right to request a user to leave the library premises if he / she are found to be violating any of the library rules.
  7. Eatables are not allowed inside the library.
  8. The library will not accept any responsibility for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings.
Library Timings
Monday to Sunday       08.00 A.M.  – 06.00 P.M.
During Examinations  24X7
Library Collection
Books 25990
Periodicals 91  (National and  International)
Newspapers 08
Database E-Subscriptions 08
Library provides following services
  • Access to online journals under UGC-INFLIBNET program
  • Book lending
  • Reprography
  • Extended reading room availability
  • Internet Searching and printing
  • Reference Services
  • Inter Library Loan