Research Updates of Academic Year 2016-17 SEM-I

  1. Third edition of book on Research Methodology for Engineers Updated with Indian Patent system an introduction to IPR chapter


No. Title of the book Authors ISBN No. Publisher (Year)

Dr. Sanjay Singh, Dr. Girish Mundada

978-93-5164-209-1 Nirali Prakashan (September 2014)

2.Patens Filed:

A Mechanism to Conveniently release Footrest in Vehicles Filed Virendra Bhojwani , Suhas Deshmukh, Amit Jomde 201621025659 27/07/2016
Sensor Less XYZ Scanner for Precision Application Filed Virendra Bhojwani , Suhas Deshmukh, Amit Jomde 09/08/2016
Solar Tracking System with Spur Gear arrangement Filed Dr. M. G. Jadhav, Dr. P. A. Patil, V. K. Bhojwani, S. R. Kumbhar, 12/09/2016


  1. MoU signed with VJTI:


  1. Asif Inamdar M. E. (Heat Power) 2nd Year student joined in the department as Research Assistant under the ISRO-UoP STC funded project.


  1. Papers Published: Paper Titled: “Applying a magnetic field on liquid line of vapour compression system is a novel technique to increase a performance of the system”, Pralhad Tipole , A. Karthikeyan, Virendra Bhojwani, Abhay Patil, Ninad published in International Journal of Applied Energy (Accepted on 20th August 2016).



Sr No Name of Staff Paper  Published Journal/Conference name Date of Publication/ Filling
1 Malawade Ulhas Arun Optimization Of Shafts Through Vibration Analysis International Engineering Research Journal (IERJ) Special Issue 2 Page 4324-4331, 2015, ISSN 2395-1621    April 2016
2 Malawade Ulhas Arun FEA Of Three Wheeler Front Fender National Conference On Recent Developments In Mechanical Engineering At MES COE Pune April 2016
3 Gawade Shashank S. Finite Element Analysis Of Pitman Arm International Journal Of Science, Engineering And Technology Research Volume.5.Issue.6.June-2016.Pp.1901-1903 ISSN: 2278 – 7798 June-2016
4 Suvarna Ghadge Heat Recovery Analysis Of Window Air Conditioner International Journal On Theoretical And Applied Research In Mechanical Engg. Jan-2016
5 Suhas M Shinde Experimental And Fea Analysis Of Weld-Bond Joint Journal Of Materials & Metallurgical Engineering, Vol 1, Issue 1, Page 12-21 © Mantech Publications Aug 2016 Aug 2016
6 Experimental Investigation Of Optimum Tubes Structure For Automobile Radiator Performance International Journal Of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), ISSN: 2278-0181, Vol. 5 Issue 08, August-2016
7 Shivaji K. Maknikar Simulation And Analysis Of A Small Scale Cryogenic Air Separation Plant Using ASPEN Plus Software National Conference On “Recent Trends In Energy Engineering” (RTEE-2015) At PVPIT, Budhgaon, Sangli On 9th October, 2015. Oct, 2015.
8 Design Of Distillation Column For Cryogenic Air Separation Plant National Conference On ” Trends In Mechanical Engineering” (TIME-2015) At A. G. Awate College Of Engg, Hadapsar, Pune On March,5 – 7, 2010 March, 2010



Sr No Name of Staff Paper  Published Journal/Conference name Date of Publication/ Filling
9 Applying A Magnetic Field On Liquid Line Of Vapour Compression System Is A Novel Technique To Increase A Performance Of The System. Applied Energy Sep-16
10 Effect Of Magnetic Field On Viscosity Of Hydrocarbon Fluids ICEMS 2016 JAN-2016
11 Performance Analysis Of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Using Magnetic Field Fame 2016 June-2016
12 Application Of Magnetic Field Applied On Fuel Line: A Novel Technique For Improving Fuel Economy And Reducing Harmful Exhaust Emissions Of The Internal Combustion Engines Fame 2016 July-2016
13 Investigation Of The Kinematic Viscosity Of Cottonseed, Palm, Soybean And Jatropha Biodiesel With Diesel Fuel. International Conference And Exhibition On Bio-Fuel And Bio-Energy,  On 23rd To 25th Feb, 2016 At Department Of Chemical Engineering, MANIT (Maulana Azad National Institute Of Technology) Bhopal, India. July-2016
14 An Overview On Production, Properties, Performance And Emission Analysis Of Blends Of Biodiesel International Conference On Global Colloquium In Recent Advancement And Effectual Researches In Engineering Science And Technology (RAEREST-2016) , On 22nd And 23rd April , 2016 At  St.Joseph’s College Of Engineering And Technology, Palai, Kottayam Kerala, India. Aug-2016







Sr No Name of Staff Patent Published Date of Publication/ Filling
1 Virendra Bhojwani A Linear Compressor 16/05/2015
2 A Mounting Structure for Magnet 17/07/2015
3 Flexure spring 12/08/2015
4 Pyramidal Solar Still 21/01/2016
5 Two-stage integral cryocylinder for stirling cryocooler driven by a linear compressor 26/02/2016
6 A Valved opposed piston linear compressor 02/03/2016
7 Novel method to measure surface roughness of complex surfaces. 03/06/2016
8 A mechanism to conveniently release footrest in vehicles 27/07/2016
9 Sensorless XYZ Scanner for precision application 09/08/2016







                                                                                                      ACADEMIC YEAR 2014-15


Name Of Staff

Paper/Patent Published

Journal/Conference Name


V. K. Bhojwani

Reduction of Harmful Emission From Exhaust In I.C. Engine By Application of Magnetic Field on Fuel Line

IJMCA; ISSN 2320-6349 Vol 2,

Issue 2, March- April 2014,


V. K. Bhojwani

Selection of High Performing Material in Flexure Bearings for Linear Compressor Applications using FEA

IJERT; ISSN: 2278-0181 Vol. 3

Issue 12, December-2014


V. K. Bhojwani

Resonance Optimization of Opposed Piston Linear Compressor

SSRGIJME; ISSN: 2348 – 8360

vol 2 Issue 3–March 2015


V. K. Bhojwani

& Aditya Bawane

Simulator For Performance Prediction Of Reciprocating Compressor Considering Various Losses

SSRGIJME; ISSN: 2348 – 8360

vol 2 Issue 3–March 2015


P. A. Patil

The Effect of insertion of different geometries on heat transfer performance in circular pipe- A review

IJMER; 2249–6645


Amol kokare

Performance evaluation of shock absorber Acting as a Single Degree of Freedom Spring-Mass-Damper System using MATLAB

IJERT;ISSN: 2278-0181 Vol. 4

Issue 09, September 2015


Prasanna Tale

Forging Parameters Setting For A Connecting Rod Using Simulation Software




Name Of Staff

Paper/Patent Published

Journal/Conference Name


V. K. Bhojwani

Effect of Magnetic Field Strength on Hydrocarbon Fuel Viscosity and Engine Performance

IJMECA; ISSN 2320-6349


V. K. Bhojwani

Resonance Optimization in Linear Compressor

IJERT; ISSN: 2278-0181 Vol. 2

Issue 9, September – 2013


V. K. Bhojwani

& Suneeta Phadkule

Modelling And Analysis of Linear Compressor

IJMCA; ISSN 2320-6349 Vol 1,

Issue 7, 01/12/2013


V. K. Bhojwani

Parametric Analysis Of Erosion Rate And Thermal Characteristics Of In- Bed Tubes In Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler

IJMCA; ISSN 2320-6349 Vol 1,

Issue 7,01/12/2013


V. K. Bhojwani

& Ajaj Attar

Experimental Investigation of Effect of Magnetic Field on Hydrocarbon Refrigerant in Vapor Compression Cycle

IJERT;ISSN: 2278-0181 Vol. 2

Issue 8, August – 2013


Pradyna kosbe

Analytical Analysis and Numerical Prediction of Seven DOF Human Vibratory Model for the Various Cars Driving Posture

IJEIT; ISSN: 2277-3754 Vol. 3,

Issue 11, May 2014

Energy Auditing & Improvement in Efficiency & Productivity in Indian Sugar Industry to Compete The World Sugar Market.-Dr. M. G. JadhavScope of work covers the area of Indian Sugar Industry such as “Auditing of Heat, Electrical & Mechanical Energy”, “Improvement of Efficiency by using Solar Energy & Waste Heat Recovery”, “Productivity Improvement by Extraction of Wax & Alcohol from Mud Processing”.

Experimentation has been done on “Utilisation of Solar Energy for Juice Mud Processing”, “Sugar Cane Crushing Mill Trials” during the research work and from those experimentation research findings such as “Jadhav & Madnaik Mill Setting Formula”, “Concept of Equivalent Steam Consumption”, “Concept of Reduced Total Loss Ratio” obtained.

During completion of project 14 research papers ware published in various journals and 15 research papers ware published conferences.



-Prof. P. A. Patil

The purpose of the research work was to study the condensation heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of HFC-134a in a micro-fined tube with an 18 degree helix angle and to compare them to those in a smooth tube for various operating conditions.

The experimental test facility is designed, developed and is used to determine the condensation HTC and pressure drop in smooth and micro-fin tubes for various HFC refrigerants namely HFC-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-507A. The experimentation covers wide range of operating parameters such as mass flux and condensing temperatures. The condensation of HFC-134a and R-404A in smooth and micro-fin tubes are measured and obtained the values of condensation HTCs and pressure drops for different mass flux and condensing temperatures.


Designed, developed and tested a two stage Stirling Cycle cryo cooler for space application using opposed piston linear compressor for IR cooling in satellite application.

[Project was funded by ISRO, Bangalore (Total Funding Rs 66 lacs).]

-Prof. V. K. Bhojwani

Project initiated keeping in mind the project objective of achieving cooling of 2 W @ 100 K at stage I and 0.5 W @50 K cooling at stage II. Stirling cryo cooler has three main components viz. Compressor, expander and regenerator. Thermal analysis was carried out to finalize geometric and operating parameters for the cryo cooler by taking into account various losses and heat transfer through various components. Thermal analysis was followed by spring and suspension design for free piston compressor and free displacer. Special purpose springs (Flexure springs) with dual functionality viz. spring in direction and motion and bearing in perpendicular direction were used. A moving coil linear motor was designed and fabricated as drive for piston and displacer using high strength NdFeB magnets. The expander cylinder with three different steps (90 mm, 19 mm and 10 mm) and total length of around 120 mm was fabricated with a wall thickness of 0.25 mm out of single piece.
The developed cryocooler achieved a minimum temperature of -230 deg. C at stage II. Cryocooler achieved 0.5 W @56 K and 2 W @ 102 K with a power input of 120 W



Name of Faculty: Dr.V.K.Bhojwani

DST Project:

Principal Investigator: Dr.V.K.Bhojwani

Junior Research fellow (JRF): Madhura G. Sevekari

Title:  Design, development and testing of linear compressor for refrigeration applications to improve    system performance and part load efficiency of household refrigerators.

Fund:  DST (Department of science and technology, New Delhi, Govt. of India) Sanctioned fund for Rs.22,74,000/- (Rs. Twenty two lakh seventy four thousand only) with the break-up of Rs. 11,79,000/- under capital head and Rs. 10,95,000/- under general head for the duration of 3 years .


1.     Developed the mathematical model for a linear compressor.

2.     Manufacturing of Linear Compressor completed.

3.     Testing of Linear compressor is undergoing.

Set up 

Following staff are persuing Ph.D. in respective areas

Sr.No. Name of Faculty Name of Topic University
1 S.S. Kelkar Devising Optimum Design of Engineering Systems Using Taguchi’s Experimental Techniques Savitribai Phule Pune University
2 S.R. Kumbhar Development of Masonic Solar Still
3 T.S.Jadhav Energy Savings in Air Conditioning system
4 P.E. Kosbe Analysis of composite materials for friction applications by experimental techniques.