Prof.Jyoti S. Patil registered for Ph.D in KLU University, her topic is “Big data Analytics”.

Prof.Poonam D. Lambhate registered for Ph.D in Pacific University, her topic is “Search Engine”.

Prof.Sachin V. Todkari registered for Ph.D in Kalinga University, his topic is “Wireless Sensor Network”.


Sr.No Name of Staff Paper/Patent Published Journal/Conference Name
1 Prof.P.D.Lambhate “Survey Paper on Event Detection Techniques in WSN” IJRET;ISSN:2278-0181
2 “MRI Brain Image Segmentation and Classification by modified FCM and SVM algorithm” IJRET:vol-2:ISSN:2321-7308
3 Prof.A.K.Gupta “Dynamic Clustering- Gateway Management and Collision Detection Solution Technique in VANET-UMTS Networks” IJAET:vol-6:ISSN:2231-1963
4 Prof.S.V.Todkari “Achieving reliability using MDCN in WSN”
5 Prof.S.V.Todkari “Achieving reliability using MDCN in WSN” World reserch journal of Engg & Technology
6 Prof.S.B.Badhe “Hyper-Quad-tree based K-means clustering Algorithm for fault prediction” IJCA:ISBN:973-93-80877-35-9
7 Prof.S.U.Ayachit “Support Vector Machine based Classification System for Classification of Sport Articles” IEEE International Conference(ICICT 2014)
8 Prof.S.S.Nannaware “Reliable Data Collection in EWSN based WSN” IJCA