Research & Development

LIST OF FACULTIES [With Ph. D AND Pursuing Ph. D]

Sr. No. Name PhD status Completed Year Domain Title
1 Dr. D. B. Salunke Completed Electronics & Communication An Approach for MUltiple SIgnal Classification (MUSIC) of Adaptive Array Antenna System
2 Dr. P. M. Patil Completed 2004 Power, Embedded, Image Processing Classification and Clustering of Handwritten Nume62  ral Characters using Fuzzy-Neural  Network.
3 Dr. S. B. Mohite Completed 2015 Power Electronics Design, Analysis and Implementation of Multimode Convertor using matrix topology: A Novel Approach
4 Dr. R. K. Navandar Completed 2017 VLSI Low power ASIC Design by scripted flow approach
5 Dr. A. P. Rao Completed 1989 Luminance / Optoelectronics Photoluminescence and magnetic properties of SRS : Cu, MH, Gd, Phosphorus
6 Prof. R. D. Gawade Completed 2017 Thesis submitted Communication Development of Energy Efficient Techniques for wireless Networks
7 Prof. M. B. Tadwalkar Pursuing Communication Detection of Malesceous attacks & their remedies in wireless sensing networks
8 Prof. V. M. Sardar Pursuing Speech Processing Speaker Identification within whispered speech
9 Prof. C. A. Manjare Pursuing 2017 Thesis submitted Speech Processing Natural Prosody generation in Text-To-Speech synthesis for Marathi speech Signal
10 Prof. P. P. Gumaste Pursuing Image Processing Development of Brain Tumor Detection Algorithm based on MRI Images
11 Prof. S. M. Hambarde Pursuing Image Processing Performance Enhancement of moving cast shadow detection  monocular colour image sequence by self organizing Approach
12 Prof. B. S. Biradar Pursuing Communication Design and Implementation of fractal antenna for wireless power transmission.



Sr. No Applicants/ Inventors Patent No Published/ Granted Title
1 Dr. P. M. Patil 3171/MUM/2015 Published System for Automated monitoring and

controlling of unauthorized settlement

in urban areas using remote sensing

2 2724/MUM/2011A Published Imprint Identification Using Directional Features
3 3171/MUM/2015 A Published System for Automated monitoring and controlling of unauthorized settlement in urban areas using remote sensing
4 201621044807A Published A non-invasive portable healthcare monitoring system for different clinical diseases using bio-impedance
5 Sanjay Bhagwan Mohite 6 /MUM/2013

Patent Commercialized

Published AC/AC Converter For Conversion

Between Three Phase And Single Phase

Power Supplies




Sanjay Bhagwan Mohite

Kraft Powercon India Symbiosis International University Pvt.Ltd

Europe Patent File no.



Dated 17.02.2016

Granted 15 AC/AC Converter For Conversion

Between Three Phase & Single Phase

Power Supplies


7 Sanjay Bhagwan Mohite


3358/MUM/2010 Published

Patent Commercialized

Published 14 Multimode Matrix Converter
8 Prof. Manjare Chandraprabha 2108/MUM/2015 A Published A system and method for Marathi Text

to Speech with natural speech output

9 Prof. Dattatray Waghole

Mr. Sandeep Karande

Filed Intelligent Garbage bin for IoT



Sr. No. PI and team members Title Authority Duration in Year



(In Rs.)

1 Prof. C. A. Manjare

Prof. Jagtap Sachin B

Prosody Generation in Text to Speech synthesis for Marathi speech Signal BCUD 2 Yrs


2 Prof. Jitendra M. Bakliwal

Dr. Sanjay B. Mohite

Analysis & Implementation of LED Driving topologies for the performance of solid state iuminaries BCUD 2 Yrs.


3 Prof. P. P. Gumaste

Prof. S. M. Pange

Prof. S. N. Thorat

Development of Brain Tumor Detection Algorithms Based on MRI images BCUD 2 Yrs


                                                                      Total of Research Grants Obtainedè 3,80,000.00