Phand Snehal H.

Paper published on “Assessment of pollution using Plankton as indicator organism – A case study of two lakes at Arakkonam Municipality, in Vellore district

Paper Published in International Journal & Conferences

  • P.N. Gokhale , Dr. S.M. Bakre, “ Design of Intelligent Nitrogen Injection System for Fire Safety of Power Transformer” International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Volume 4, Issue 2, February 2015 p-ISSN: 2321-7308
  • P.N. Gokhale , Dr. S.M. Bakre, “ A Novel Fault  Detection technique  For  Electrical Networks in Smart Grid with Numeric Meter and IEC 61850 Protocol” International Journal of Innovations in Engineering Research and Technology IJIERT, Conference special issue , Jan 2016, ISSN2394-3696.
  • Priya N.Gokhale , Dr. S. M. Bakre, ”Effect of High order Harmonics on Life of Lightning Arrestors”2nd International Conference cum tutorials  jointly organized by IEEMA, POWERGRID and CPRI  on Surge Arresters on28th & 29th April 2016 at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi with Theme : Arresters for Fail Safe Protection,Tutorials: 28th April 2016, International Conference: 29th April2016

Prof.Dr.Priya Gokhale’s paper titled ” Stator winding fault detection using motor current signature analysis” adjudged first position in Annual technical paper meet-2014 organised by Institution of engineers (India) , local centre,Pune

Prof. V.V.Puranik, Associate Professor, Department of electrical engineering is persuing PhD from Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University,Amravati under the guidance of Prof.Dr.V.N.Gohokar.


Registered Patent on “Method for simultenious measurement of harmonics & interharmonics using object oriented web-enabled approach for transmisiion & distribution system “.Ref No- 201621044805/ MUM.

Dr. Shashikant Bakre Dr. Priya Gokhale (Author), Dr. Priya Gokhale (Author) Published Book “How to run your Java program on smart phone: An interactive guide for everyone in Android Integrated Development Environment (AIDE) Kindle Edition

Akshay A. Shinde

1) “Implementation of Multilevel Inverter Fed 3-Phase I.M Drive by using PWM Technique- A review”, Paper published in International Journal of Research Publications in Engineering and technology (IJRPET),paper published in ISSN No-2454-7875 Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2016.

[2] “Implementation & Simulation of Multilevel Inverter”, Paper Presented in International Conference on Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering (ICEECE), paper published in journal with Paper ID- IR-EECE-24076-295, IRAJ Research Forum, Held on 24th July 2016 at Pune.

[3] “Implementation & Simulation of Multilevel Inverter”, Paper Published in International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IJIEEE) with Online ISSN No- 2349-204X,Print ISSN No- 2347-6982,Volume 4,Issue 9,October 2016.

[4] “Implementation of Multilevel Inverter Fed I.M. Drive by using PWM Technique with Reduced Harmonics”, Paper Presented at 32nd National Convention of Electrical Engineers, National Seminar on Sustainable Development in Indian Power Sector For next Decade, Institution of Engineers (India),IEI Pune Centre November 2016, IEEE & SPPU associated.

[5] A.A. SHINDE Asst. Professor, Project Guide (JSPM’s JSCOE,PUNE) ,SIDDHESH SHINDE , PRAVIN GAVAND,SANTOSH RAUT, DNYANESHWAR KAMBLE UG Students, Department of Electrical Engineering, JSPM’s JSCOE, Hadapsar, Pune. “AUTOCHARGE: AUTOMATICALLY CHARGE SMARTPHONE USING LIGHT BEAM” in IJRPET with an impact factor of 5.765 with ISSN NO. 2454-7875,JUNE 2017.