Faculty Profile


                                                           Faculty Profile of Computer Engneering Department

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Area of Interest Teaching


1 Dr. Kini S.N. Professor ME (CSE) Ph.D. Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems,

Internet Knowledge Discovery

24 yrs
2 Prof. Hingoliwala


Asso. Prof




Image Processing 18 yrs
3 Prof. Ingle M. D. Asso. Prof. M.Tech. (Comp Engg.)


Computer N/w, DS 19 yrs
4 Prof. Parte R. S. Asst. Prof. M.E( Instru.) MMC, SP, Sensors 17 yrs
5 Prof. Patil D.R Asst. Prof. ME (Comp) DB, N/w Security, Programming Lang. 14 yrs
6 Prof. Anjalidevi Asst.Prof. ME(Comp) DB, N/w Security 14 yrs
7 Prof. Patil S. H. Asst. Prof. ME (Comp) DBMS, Web Technology 10 yrs
8 Prof.Pawar M. V. Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (CSE)


Networking & Security 10 yrs
9 Prof. Suryawanshi S.R. Asst. Prof. ME (Comp) Parallel Computing 4 yrs
10 Prof. Dixit R. S. Asst. Prof. ME (CSE) Network Security, SPOS 7 yrs
11 Prof. Savare N. P. Asst. Prof. ME (Comp)


Operating System 5 yrs
12 Prof. Shardoor N. B. Asst. Prof. ME (Comp)


Operating System 3 yrs
13 Prof. Thanki H. J. Asst. Prof. ME (Comp) Data Structures, Networking 7 yrs
14 Prof. Bachate R. P. Asst. Prof. ME (Comp) Hadoop 5 yrs
15 Prof. Saluja B. K. Asst. Prof. ME (Comp) Networking 5 yrs
16 Prof. Devare A. S. Asst. Prof. ME (Comp N/W),


Networking, WSN, MANET 9 yrs
17 Prof. Hattarge A.M. Asst. Prof. ME(IT) Algorithms and programming 7 yrs
18 Prof. Nikam H.B. Asst. Prof. M.Tech.(Comp) Wireless communication, Computer 4 yrs
19 Prof. Waghole D.S. Asst. Prof. ME(IT)


Wireless sensor networks, Network


3 yrs
20 Prof. Shinde K.G. Asst. Prof. ME(Comp) Data mining, Information Retrieval 4 yrs
21 Prof. Game S.J. Asst. Prof. ME (Comp) Cloud computing, knowledge discovery 3 yrs
22 Prof. Khedekar V.B. Asst.Prof. M.Tech. (CS) Database, Programming 7 yrs
23 Prof. Bodake D. T. Asst. Prof. M.E.(Comp) Networking 7 yrs


24 Prof.Chopade N.B. Asst.Prof. ME (IT) Data Mining, Information Retrieval 4 yrs
25 Prof.Kondhalkar V.B Asst.Prof. ME (Comp) Algorithms 11 yrs
26 Prof.Bhajibhakare M Asst.Prof. ME (Comp) Computer Organization 5 yrs
27 Prof Gardi Manish Asst.Prof. ME (Comp) Big Data Analytics 5 yrs

                                                                                Supporting Staff Profile

Sr. No. Name of  Staff Qualification Designation
1 Mr. S. D. Satav M.Tech(Comp) System Admin
2 Mr. D. M. Pawar MA Eng Comp Tech
3 Mr. S. V. Pawar M.Sc. Comp. sci. Lab Tech
4 Miss. S. Y. Mule MCA Lab Tech
5 Miss. P. S. Ghule Diploma in Comp Engg Lab Asst
6 Miss. R. R. Dhore Diploma in Comp Engg Lab Asst
7 Mrs. L. S. Jagtap BE(Comp) Lab Asst
8 Mr. P. D. kamble MCA Lab Asst
9 Miss. Lawate Pooja Diploma in Comp Engg Lab Asst
10 Mr. D. A. Kokate SSC Peon
11 Mr. K. D. Chavan SSC Peon
12 Mr. A. R. Shaikh HSC Peon
13 Mr. D. Thorat SSC Peon