Faculty Profile
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Department Associated Experience
 1 Dr. Mrs. Nidhi Sharma Asst. prof Ph.D. in Chemistry ENGG.SCIENCE 15
 2 A.B. Gawand Asst.Prof MSc(Maths), M.Phill,

B.Ed, M.B.A, PhD Persuing

 3 D. S. Shelar Asst.Prof MSc( Maths), M.Phill,PhD Persuing ENGG.SCIENCE 15
 4 M. M. Rane Asst.Prof M.Sc, B.Ed, DEE, M.B.S ENGG.SCIENCE 13
 5 S. H. Kurhade Asst.Prof M.Sc (Maths) ENGG.SCIENCE 4.5
 6 R. B. Tope Asst.Prof M.Sc(Maths) ENGG.SCIENCE 2.5
 7 Sonali Patil Asst.Prof M.Sc( Maths),B.Ed ENGG.SCIENCE 9
 8 M. R. Pansare Asst.Prof M.Sc (Physics) ENGG.SCIENCE 15
 9 R. H. Mhamane Asst.Prof M.Sc( Physics) ENGG.SCIENCE 9
 10 D.K. Kolhe Asst.Prof M.Sc(Chemistry), B.Ed ENGG.SCIENCE 10
 11 M. S. Bobade Asst.Prof M.Sc(Chemistry), B.Ed  Ph.D Persuing ENGG.SCIENCE 6.5
 12 A. G. Hore Asst.Prof M.E(Environment) ENGG.SCIENCE I-8,T-8
 13 S. S. Jadhav Asst.Prof M.E(Structure) ENGG.SCIENCE 5
 14 Anuja  Pawar Asst.Prof M.E(Construction) ENGG.SCIENCE 2
 15 Mahesh Hosmani Asst.Prof M.E(Structure) ENGG.SCIENCE I-1, T-1