Facuilty Details

Department Of Information Technology

List of Staff members :

Name of the Staff      Designation  Qualification Area of Intrest Total Experiance  
1 Mr.Todkari Sachin.V. HOD M.E COMP Networking Teaching -11.5
2 Mrs.Lambhate Poonam.D. Assoc Prof M.E COMP IR Industry -2

Teaching -17

3 Ms.Patil Jyoti. S. Assoc Prof M.E IT Data Mining, Big data analytics Teaching-11.6
4 Ms.Gupta Aruna. K. Assoc Prof M.Tech CSE Mobile Computing
Information Security
Teaching -15.6
5 Mrs.Ayachit Sumedha. U. Asst Prof M.E COMP Data Mining Teaching-11.2
6 Ms.Gawali Madhuri. K. Asst Prof M.Tech Comp Data Mining Teaching-8.7
7 Mrs.Deshpande Arati. V. Asst Prof M.Tech IT Natural Language
Processing, Image Processing
8 Mrs.Nannaware Suruchi. S. Asst Prof ME Comp Network Teaching-9.0
9 Ms.Kale Aarti. K. Asst Prof ME Comp Data Mining Teaching-6
10 Mrs.Thorat Sukhada. S. Asst Prof ME Comp Web Mining Teaching- 6
11 Mr.Kalunge Vishwas. V. Asst Prof ME Comp Image Compression
Genetic Algorithm
12 Ms.Mankar Shraddha. P. Asst Prof M.E IT Network Teaching-6
13 Ms.Pawar Veena. R. Asst Prof ME Comp OS Teaching-12
14 Mr. Rangari Sudhir Ramrao Asst Prof ME Comp Data Mining Teaching-5
15 Mrs. Swati B badhe Asst Prof ME Comp Software Testing Teaching-11
16 Mr. Sandeep Satav Asst Prof ME Comp Network, Image Processing Teaching-15