Faculty Deatils


Faculty Profile

Sr. No Name of the


Designation Qualification Area of interest Total Experience (Year)
1 Prof. M.D.Takale Assoc.Prof M.E Power System 29
2 Prof.Dr.V.A.Bugade Professor Ph.D Power System 28
3 Prof .N.G.Padulkar HOD Assoc.Prof M.E Control System 29
4 Dr.Prof.P.N.Gokhale Professor Ph.D Electrical Power And Control 23
5 Prof .P.N.Todkar Asst Prof M.E Power System 17
6 Prof. M C Shinde Asst. Prof M.E. Power System 11
7 Prof.P.D.Shinde Asst Prof M.E. Control System 5.6
8 Prof .N.V.Tayade Asst Prof M.Tech Power System 4.8
9 Prof .D.Padhi Asst Prof M.E. Power Electronics And Drives 6.8
10 Prof. K.N.Nandargi Asst Prof M.E. Power Electronics And Drives 5
11 Prof .J.T.More Asst Prof M.Tech Electrical Power System 5
12 Prof S.H. Phand Asst Prof M.Tech Energy & Environment Engg 1.5
13 Prof.A.A.Shinde Asst Prof M.E. PowerSystem 4.6
14 Prof.S.D.Gadekar Asst Prof M.E. Electronics

Machines And Drives