E- resources (E-Journals/E-Books) for the year 2016
Sr. No. E-Journals Packages Subject Area E-Content Link for E-Journal
1 ASME Mechanical Engineering 26 link+ back files to 2000. www.asmedl.org
2 J-Gate J-Gate-social and management science Journals in management and social science www.jgateplus.com
3 J-Gate J-Gate (JET)-Engg. and Tech Online journals on Engg. and technology www.jgateplus.com
4 Ebsco (Elite) Management, Business and Economic Journals Provide full text coverage of journals and magazines 600-links http://search.ebscohost.com
5 McGraw Hills E-Books Engineering and Technology 363-links http://accessengineeringlibrary.com
6 Springer Electrical and Electronics and computer science Engg. 149 e-journals + back files to 1997 www.springerlink.com
7 ASTM ASTM-online dictionary of Engg. science. EL, ELN Engg. Mech. Engg., Civil, Metallurgical ,petroleum ASTMDL

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List of Print Journals for the year 2016
1 Automotive Abstracts-ARAI, Pune MECHANICAL DEPT.
2 Sadhana
3 Jr. of Vibration Engineering  & Technologies
4 Pinnacle Student Research Journal (SIBACA)
5 Indian Foundry Journal
6 Indian Jrnl of Engineering and Material Science
7 Manufacturing Technology Today
8 Jrnl of Modern Manufacturing Technology
9 Indian Jrnl of Nanomaterial
10 Indian Jrnl of Fluid Engineering
11 Jrnl of Mines, Metals and Fuels
12 Indian Jrnl of Heat and Mass Transfer
13 Jrnl of Energy Heat and Mass Transfer
14 Jrnl Scientific and Industrial Research
15 IUP Jrnl on Mechanical Engineering
16 Jr. of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and to Ventilation
17 Jrnl. of Manufacturing Engineering
18 Intl Jrnl of Advanced in Thermal Sciences and Engineering
19 Materials Processing Science and Technology An Intl Journal
20 Jrnl of Tribology Research
21 Jrnl of Nano composites and Nano ceramics
22 Intl Jrnl of Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Engineering
23 IETE Technical Review E & TC DEPT.
24 Lab Experiments
25 i-Managers Jr. on Circuits & System
26 Indian Jrnl of Technical Education
27 IEEMA Journal
28 Jrnl of Instrument Society of India
29 Indian Jrnl of Microwave Science and Technology
30 Intl Jrnl of Photonics (ILP)
31 Intl Jrnl of Microcircuits and Electronic(IJME)
32 Intl Jrnl of Electronics and Communication Engineering
33 Intl Jrnl of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
34 Intl Jrnl of Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields
35 IETE Jrnl of Research
36 Indian Jrnl of VLSI design
37 Indian Jrnl of Sensors
38 Indian Jrnl of Mobile Communication and Networking
39 Indian Jrnl of Mechatronics  & Applications
40 i-Manager Journal of Electrical Engineering ELECTRICAL DEPT.
41 International Journal of Industrial Electronics & Control
42 Indian Journal of power & energy system engineering
43 Indian Journal of Electrical power system research
44 Indian Journal of Electrical Engg. & research
45 International journal of power quality
46 Indian Jrnl of advanced in Multimedia COMPUTER/ ITDEPT.
47 Indian Jrnl of Network and applications
48 Jrnl of Intelligent Computing
49 Intl Jrnl of Information Sciences & Application (IJISA)
50 Jrnl of computer and Internet Security
51 Indian Jrnl of Computation Theory
52 Advances in Computational Intelligence Research
53 Indian Jrnl of Modern Software Engineering
54 Indian Jrnl of Neural Networks and Techniques
55 Intl Jrnl of Applied Research on Information Technology and Computing
56 Intl Jrnl of Data Mining and engineering Technologies
57 Indian Jrnl. of Advance Networking & Computer Engg.
58 Indian Jrnl. of Advance in Computer Science &Engg.
59 Indian Jrnl. of Computational Science &Engg. Research
60 Indian Jrnl. Computer Science & application
61 Indian Jrnl. Computer Science &Engg.
62 i-Manager Jrnl of Information Technology
63 Indian Jr. of Information Technology
64 Intl Jrnl of Scientific Computing
65 Jrnl of Software Project Management and Quality Assurance
66 Int. Jrnl of artificial Intelligence & Computational Research
67 Int. Jr. of Wireless Sensor Network and Applications
68 Jrnl of Entrepreneurship MBA DEPT.
69 Foreign Trade Review
70 Indian Jrnl of Industrial Relation
71 Indian Jrnl of Marketing
72 Indian Jr. of Training & Development IJTD
73 Indian Management
74 Jrnl of Intellectual Property Rights
75 IIMS Jrnl of Management Science
76 Indian Jrnl of Finance
77 Jrnl of Accounting and Finance
78 Vikalpa ( IIM Ahmedabad )
79 Jrnl of Emerging Market Finance
80 Indian Jrnl of Computer Science and Information Technology MCA DEPT.
81 Indian Institute of Science Jrnl
82 KarpagamJrnl of Computer Science
83 Advances in Indian Software Engineering
84 Jrnl of Information Security Research
85 Jrnl of E – Technology
86 I – Manager Jrnl on Software Engineering
87 IIMB Management Review
88 Intl Jrnl of Wireless Networks and Communications
89 Advance in Wireless and Mobile Communications
90 Jrnl of High Performance Communication System and Networking
91 Jrnl of Logic Based Intelligent System