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Jayawant Library of JSPM’s Engineering College is served as a resource center for teaching staff, students and research scholars by providing knowledge through both print and digital form. Library intends to incorporate the latest technology & adopt user friendly towards students and faculty. Library is well equipped with a large collection of textbooks, reference books, technical journals, educational DVDs and CDs as well as with latest information technology tools for information collection, processing and retrieval. The collection of books, journals, e-journals, reports and other reading resources are adequate for not only domain specific resources but for also general resources. The library has AutoLib Software that supports all in-house operations. The library follows DDC classification system for books arrangement

Staff Details
Sr.No Designation Staff Name Qualification E-mail ID
1 Library


Dr. V.K. Bhojwani M. E. (Gold Medalist), Ph.D(IIT Bombay) bhojwanivk@gmail.com
2 Librarian Mrs.M.Y. Rane B.Sc., M.Lib,SET  myrane1974@gmail.com
3 Asst. Librarian Mr.S. N. Kokate B.Lib, M. Lib.  sharadkokate@gmail.com
Supportive Staff
Sr.No. Staff Name Qualification E-mail ID
1 Mrs.Manisha G. Ghadage B.Lib, M Lib.  ghadge1@gmail.com
2 Mr.BaluB. Mane B.A., B.Lib.  bmane483@gmail.com
3 Mr. Dnyaneshwar N.Kunjir M.A.,B.Lib.   kunjirdn@gmail.com
4 Mr.Birudev L.Palve B.Com.,M.Lib.  palvebiru2@gmail.com
5 Mr.BalasahebK.Waghmare B.Lib, M Lib.  balrajem23@gmail.com
6 Mrs.Seema S.Murudkar S.S.C. Pass ———
7 Mr. Suraj R. Kokate H.S.C. Pass surajkokate123@gmail.com