To be recognized globally as a center of quality education and research for aspiring mechanical engineer to cater the ever changing demands of industry and society.


1.To develop responsible mechanical engineers with strong technical skills to meet the needs of the profession and society.

2.To develop problem solving & research ability in students to meet needs of demanding challenges of society  and other interdisciplinary areas

3.To inculcate moral values, leadership and professional skills for a long productive & influencing professional   career.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO 1:-Graduateshall have abilities to pursue professional career.

PEO 2:-Graduates shall have an ability to work in core and diversified fields
exhibiting team work and leadership.

PEO 3:-Graduates shall have an ability to adapt dynamic environment of
society through life-long learning.


About Department 

The Department of Mechanical headed by Prof. Pradeep A. Patil and is supported by a team of 38 teaching and 15 non-teaching staff. The department consists of 15 well-equipped laboratories with a total investment of Rs.13, 898,616.99

The students of Mechanical Engg. have formed an association Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association (MESA) on 20th march 2006 under the guidance of DOME staff.
The various activities that can be conducted under MESA are:

  • Organizing University/State/National level Technical events.
  • Arranging guest lectures of eminent personalities from industry.
  • Arranging different competitions such as debating, quiz etc.
  • Arranging industrial visits and study tools.
  • Celebration of Engineer’s day, teachers’ day etc.

 MESA provides platform…

  • To develop the all-round personality of students.
  • To implement innovative ideas in the technical field and boost their Confidence.
  • To have an industry institute interaction.
  • To strengthen Training & Placement cell.


1 Fluid Mechanics Lab. 2,10,695.00
2 Fluid Machinery Lab. 7,23,430.00
3 Fluid Power Lab. 1,50,891.00
4 Power Plant Engineering Lab.         10,01,000.00
5 Workshop 18,72,757.90
6 Thermodynamics Lab. 3,34,837.00
7 Theory of Machine Lab. 5,51,771.00
8 Metallurgy Lab. 5,74,122.00
9 MQC Lab. 287,515.34
10 Heat Transfer Lab. 2,89,412.00
11 SOM Lab 1,93,500.00
12 Mechatronics Lab 4,59,000.00
13 Refrigeration & A / C Lab. 2,75,886.00
14 Computer Graphics Lab. 11,31,939.18
15  GM Lab. 16,35,233.00
16  CAD Lab.          22,54,696.00
17 PG Computer Lab 7,35,130.00
18 Research Lab. 26,77,316.00
19 Self-Learning Lab 1,29,140.00
Total  Investment  in Rs. 1,54,88,271.42