About IT Department


To develop competent IT professionals for e-development of emerging societal needs.


M1. Educating aspirants to fulfill technological and social needs through effective teaching learning process.
M2. Imparting IT skills to develop innovative solutions catering needs of multidisciplinary domain.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: Graduate shall have abilities to pursue professional career.
PEO2: Graduate shall have an ability to apply acquired competencies in diverse environment for solving socio-economic problems ethically.

 About Department

  • The Information Technology department has been started with an intake capacity of 60 students in June 2005.
  • The department has well qualified, young, enthusiastic, experienced and dedicated staff.  One Emeritus Professor ,Prof. G.S. Mani. Mani has about 40 years of R&D experience working in various aspects related to Radar, Electronic Warfare and other related fields. He has recently completed a project for DRDO on thinning of Radar Antennas. At present, he is engaged in applying nature inspired algorithm for optimization problems.
  • Most of the faculty members have done their P.G. Some are persuing their P.G.
  • The department has its own departmental library with sufficient number of titles.
  • The department is providing 1 MBPS broadband internet facility.
  • The total investment of the dept is approx. Rs. 46 Lacs.


There are five well equipped computer labs (Multimedia lab, Programming lab, Software lab, Internet lab,Project lab) with necessary legal software and one Digital lab.

Lab Cost
Programming Labarotory Rs. 6,95,289.00
Multimedia Labarotory Rs. 7,11,420.00
Software Labarotory Rs. 8,29,226.00
Project Labarotory Rs. 8,51,990.00
Internet Labarotory Rs. 7,89,624.00
Digital Labarotory Rs. 4,11,465.00

The department has departmental library. It contains 716 books with 675 titles. –

Number Of Titles: 675                                          Number of Books: 716