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MBA Summer Internship Project (SIP)

Summer Internship Project

At the end of Second Semester each student shall undertake a Summer Internship Project (SIP) for 8 weeks. It is mandatory for the student to seek advance written approval from the faculty guide and the Director of the Institute about the topic and organization before commencing the SIP. The SIP may or may not have a Functional Focus, i.e. the student may take up a SIP in his/her intended area of specialization or in any other functional area of management. Ideally the SIP should exhibit a cross-functional orientation.

The student shall submit a written structured report based on work done during this period on the basis of suggested guidelines and research methodology.

SIP may be a research project – based on primary/ secondary data or may be an operational assignment involving working by the student on a given task/assignment/project/ etc. in an organization / industry. It is expected that the SIP shall sensitize the students to the demands of the workplace. The learning outcomes and utility to the organization must be specifically highlighted.

Report Format

The report should be well documented and supported by:

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Objectives of the Study.

Chapter 3. Company/ Organization profile (including Organization Chart).

Chapter 4. Research Methodology (Statement of Problem, Hypothesis (if any), Research Design.

Chapter 5. Data analysis, Data Interpretation.

Chapter 6. Relevant activity charts, tables, graphs, diagrams, etc. (Optional)

Chapter 7. Findings

Chapter 8. Suggestions & Recommendations.

Chapter 9. Conclusions.

Bibliography (References in appropriate referencing styles – Use Harvard Style of referencing check here)

Appendix (Questionnaire, Data Sheets etc.)


It should reflect the nature and quantum of work undertaken by the student. The report must reflect 8 weeks of work and justify the same.


The student shall submit TWO hard copies & one soft copy (CD) of the project report before 30th September in Semester III. One hard copy is to be returned to the student by the Institute after the External Viva-Voce.

Viva Voce

The Institute shall conduct an internal viva-voce for evaluation of the SIP for 50 marks. The Panel shall comprise of the Internal Faculty Guide & One additional faculty nominated by the Director.

There shall be an external viva-voce for the SIP for 50 marks. The examiner’s panel for the same shall include one external faculty member nominated by the University and one internal faculty member nominated by the Director. The external viva-voce shall be conducted for 15 minutes at least per student.

The Internal & the External viva-voce shall evaluate the project based on:

1. Actual work undertaken by the student
2. Student’s understanding of the organization and business environment
3. Outcome of the project
4. Utility of the project to the organization
5. Basic analytical capabilities

Copies of SIP report and records of evaluation shall be maintained by the Institute for a period of 3 academic years.