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Director’s Message

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Dr.  Priyanka Singh (MBA, PhD)


“It is my pleasure to welcome you to the world of Jayawant Institute of Management Studies (JIMS), and invite you to embark on a lifetime association with our Institution.

Jayawant Institute of Management Studies, the pioneer MBA Institute under the flagship of JSPM aims at providing quality education to younger generation in various disciplines of academics with a unique right approach where they can make careers and emerge as good corporate managers.

It aims to instill among students an inquisitive aptitude, a competitive spirit and edge, develop technical acumen, personal skill, and an instinct necessary for a citizen of India vis-à-vis enhancement in their employment potential.

It is purely a student centric institution which has vocationally strong through corporate institute linkages, Campus placement, experienced faculties & other state of art facilities.

We are moving towards making this an educational institution of distinction, combining excellence with innovation, placing a high value on providing students with a fulfilling educational experience in their chosen discipline.

I am confident that you will surely find a pathway to a bright future in this chosen career.

I encourage you to become a part of the JSPM colleges & experience a teaching–learning process which motivates towards excellence. “

Thank You…..