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Campus Life

Life at JIMS both inside and outside the classroom is stimulating and intense. Although the pace of the programme is fast and participants have a schedule that is full with classes, group work and personal study time, life doesn’t stop when study is done for the day. Institutes have a strong “work hard, play hard” ethic and students take part and organize a wide variety of extracurricular and social activities.

Take a look at the activities organized by the various JIMS and discover some of the most famous events happening on and off campus. Here you’ll also be able to find how a typical week of a JIMS student may look like.


Sports, trekking, outdoor and fun activities not only act as welcome diversion from the rigors of theoretical class room sessions but also aims to unearth the latent talents and skills of our students which in turn help in the overall development of student’s personality. The gamut of activities is to ensure that every student comes forward to participate in and showcase at least one sphere where they can contribute confidently.