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Athletic programs provide non-tangible benefits such as health and wellness promotion for all students. Formal sport participation provides exercise for athletes, but it also encourages the development of intramural sports. Intramurals allow students who are not high-end athletes to still compete and enjoy sports while also benefiting from the exercise.

Athletic teams are campus commonalities increase student satisfaction on campus, whether a student participates in a sport or not. Today’s time when life has become so stressful, sports and games have just not become a getaway for recreation, but it also has imparted values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, team building skills and accountability.

At JIMS we encourage participation in these activities also sets the stage for adoption of a healthy lifestyle and optimal health in life after college.

Sports Week for Students:

At JIMS we organize a Sports Week for students to involve them in physical activity, sport and celebrate achievement.