Extra curricular Activities


Extra curricular Activities

Our Institute encourages co-curricular/extra curricular activities and total involvement of students even in the administration of all the activities. The Council, which will have many functional heads for each branch of interest will function like a cabinet and be responsible for meeting the legitimate aspirations of the students/management.
The Students Council will be headed by a President and will comprise need-based committees. Each committee will have coordinators. The members will be selected by a committee comprising of the following

(a) Director of the Institute

(b) President and Vice-President, Students’ Council

(c) One nominee of the Director from the Faculty

(d) Registrar/ Office Superintendent

To be a member of the Council is a great honour. So is the case of being a member of the committees. The Committee referred to above keeps a track of the activities / Co-curricular activities and their contributions to serve/help other students/the growth and glory of the Institute. They will help and assist in the decision making process of the top management and will have direct access to the top management of the Institute.
The Council will have its own budget which will be spent by the respective committees under supervision of the President/ Vice-President.

JICA also plays host to various cultural endeavor like “Induction ceremony” ,”Freshers party”,an inter institute sports & cultural competetion of JSPM group of institutes is organised every year ie.SYNERGY .Synergy involves various categories of events ie. from technical events like C programming competetion , enhancing the personality with Mr. & Miss PG contest  ,various indoor & outdoor games ,various cultural events , Preparing advertisements within stipulated time period ,preparing budgets for programs .These events not only help to enhance individual personality but also encourages the team spirit or group work and tries to bring the best from the students in their areas of interest. These festivals bring out talents and a broad spectrum of divergent experience attributes and outlook providing an excellent opportunity of learning through interface .We aim at all round developement and induce leadership qualities into our students.