we envision creating leaders, winners and achievers in a global world.

  • Leaders who inspire a vision
  • Winners who set positive paradigms of action
  • Achievers who have the will and the strength to make a small difference to the larger cause of humanity
JICA aims to make India a knowledge superpower. With this dream, JICA provides an equal educational opportunity for all aspiring students irrespective of their economic, academic, social background. The colleges of JSPM are committed to impart holistic and world-class education helping students acquire professional skills.

Indian economy and industry is surging ahead – and education is the pivot around which this cycle of growth is revolving. Every change on the corporate horizon is keenly observed by a team of dedicated national, international faculty and industry partners at JICA to make appropriate changes in the curriculum and academic delivery. Through global industry academia tie-ups, JICA has been able to streamline its academic approach in order to give students the necessary knowledge and disposition to succeed in the cutthroat corporate environment.

Since its inception, JSPM has grown considerably both in terms of the number of students enrolled and the number of campuses established across Pune. The professional colleges of JSPM understand that education is not an end in itself but a means towards a more prosperous and rewarding future.


It Takes “Life Skills”  to Negotiate at Work or Play
Every JICA student is a study of impeccable traits, ingrained deeply by the JICA philosophy of “Life Skills” imbibed through informal and formal orientation. We are trying to empower both technical as well as management wings of the Jicains and motivating them to scale greater heights for achieving their individual goals as per their aptitude, capacity and choice.
Jicaiansknow: The value of sincerity & dedication
Jicaiansbelieve: In integrity & hard work.
Jicaianslearn: On job. At play. Continuously. Constantly.
Jicaians think: Creatively. Applying new skills innovatively.
Jicaians act:Responsibly. Optimizing resources. Achieving results.
Jicaians manage:Information strategically. Integrating intelligently
Jicaianscommunicate: Effectively. Across diverse cultures & media