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“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later”


Dr. Binod Kumar

Ph.D.(CS), M.Phil.(CS),

M.C.A.(NIT), M.Sc.(BHU),



“Jayawant Institute of Computer Applications caters for MCA stream coming from all over the country with nice blend of rural and urban students. The world is shrinking fast into a tiny global village and interdependence is acquiring equal importance as that of independence. The world is poised to witness breakthroughs in Science, Technology, Biotechnology, Human Genome, Vaccination, Bio-fuels replacing the conventional fuels, Space travel, Communications and many other to improve life style, longevity and productivity in human life. The world is also making efforts to curb pollution and make it Carbon neutral.”

 Congratulations To all Third Year MCA Students 2013- 2015 Batch!!!

Hearty Congratulations to all who getting placed.

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We wish you success and a bright future.


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Our Vision

“To provide, nurture and maintain an environment of high academics excellence, research and entrepreneurship for all aspiring students, which will prepare them to face global challenges maintaining high ethical and moral standards.”

Our Mission

“To satisfy the aspirations of youth force, who wants to lead nation towards prosperity through techno-economic development”.

Anti-Ragging Nodal Officer

Collective punishment: when the persons committing or abetting the crime of ragging are not identified, the institution shall resort to collective punishment as a deterrent to ensure community pressure on the potential raggers.

Right To Information Cell

Whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates ragging within or outside any education institution shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years and shall also be liable to a fine which may extend to ten thousand rupees.

About Library


The institute has a well organized and well stocked library having more than 3000 sq. ft. area divided into reading section, reference section. More than thousand volumes are presently stocked with a number of national and international journals. Students can also borrow books on subjects of general interest and personality development. The library along with computer center will be open round the clock for the benefit of students. There are similar halls, syndicate rooms, audio visual rooms along with recreation room to make the academic program qualitative. E Books and E Journals are available for faculties, staff & students.

Books Available

No. of Volumes: – 10514
No. of Titles: – 1569
No. of National Journal: – 36
e-Journal Database: – IEEE, EBSCO, JGate
Approximately Cost:- 45.22 Lakhs

Campus Hours

Utilize our renown library resources and helpful staff from 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Campus Address

Sr. No.80, Pune Mumbai Bypass Highway,
Tathawade, Pune-411033

Phone  : +91-20-22932601 / +91-20-64103595 (Direct Line)
Fax      : ((+91-20)-22933424


Computer Center

Computer Labs 

In this age of information technology, the backbone of any institute is its computer center and its computing facilities. The institute is equipped with state of art computer center with over 60 terminals of latest configuration connected by network (LAN). The internet facility is available to students around the clock. The institute has also developed a learning resource center having latest software packages.


At present we have an auditorium of seating capacity of above 300 seats with excellent acoustical design, well equipped with all required systems like audio visual aids, light and stage facilities etc. It is intended for multipurpose use for conferences, seminars as well as regular cultural programmes.

It Takes “Life Skills”  to Negotiate at Work or Play
Every JICA student is a study of impeccable traits, ingrained deeply by the JICA philosophy of “Life Skills”imbibed through informal and formal orientation. We are trying to empower both technical as well as management wings of the Jicains and motivating them to scale greater heights for achieving their individual goals as per their aptitude, capacity and choice.
 Jicaiansknow: The value of sincerity & dedication
Jicaiansbelieve: In integrity & hard work.
Jicaianslearn: On job. At play. Continuously. Constantly.
Jicaians think: Creatively. Applying new skills innovatively.
Jicaians act:Responsibly. Optimizing resources. Achieving results.
Jicaians manage:Information strategically. Integrating intelligently
Jicaianscommunicate: Effectively. Across diverse cultures & media



“JICA has its own T & P Cell which is governed by a centralized T & P office. The main objective of T & P cell is to train students in aptitude skills, communication skills and techniques for GD & PI. The placement cell is dedicated to identify probable employers, making correspondence by sending brochures, visiting companies and giving presentations.” To develop our students according to need of industry.To impart training to the students in aptitude tests, Group discussion, personal interview techniques & personality development. To motivate the students to learn different technologies, packages & practices.To provide good employment opportunities to our students.



  1.  JICA MCA students Mr. Dawal Daudi and Ms. Shraddha  Dubey won the 6th and 10th rank in MCA-III examination from University of Pune for A.Y 2010-11 respectively.
  2. JICA MCA student Mr. Avinash Patil won the Gold medal in MCA Research from  University of Pune in year 2009-10.
  3.  JICA MCA student Ms. Anuradha Agarwal  won the Second rank in MCA -III exam in  University of Pune in year 2009
  4. JICA MCA & MBA  Students have participated in various events and won prizes

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities


Our Institute encourages co-curricular/extra curricular activities and total involvement of students even in the administration of all the activities. Debates, Seminars, Presentations, Group discussions, Book reviews and quizzes go on round the year (both semesters), honing the communication skills and enhancing the knowledge of future managers. Work shops are organized from time to time for current technologies used which facilitate the growth of the students to take on the challenges of the corporate world.

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Industry Institute Interaction

Institute has signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the following companies.

  1. Amazatic Solutions
  2. Quick Heal
  3. Stezier Technology
  4. IT Web Services
  5. Testpitara.com
  6. Chirpn.com and many more


Dr. Pahurkar expressed his views on seminar theme. He emphasized on india has to excel in quality research in the field of academics. He urged every faculty member & students to work in group to share & exchange ideas to produce the quality outcome in the field of Academic research.

           “Amassing Quality for Sustainability & Competitiveness”
shared his views on different aspects of Quality in the field of Agriculture, Education, and Manufacturing & emphasized on how to sustain the quality standards to cope up with today’s Competition. He conveyed to the students & Faculty members the importance of the seminar. He guided participants that they should try to develop e culture of giving quality products in minimum cost with minimum resources.


Dr.Y.S.Patil (Head Comp.Science, University of Mysore,         Mysore(Karnataka State)

”Biometrics” Bio metrics i.e. bios meaning life and metron meaning measure. Dr.Hemant Kumar focused on the aspects of biometrics, which is an automated system that can identify an individual by measuring physical & behavioral patterns & comparing it those on record. The biometrics includes ear, face thermogram, hand thermogram, hand geometry, fingerprint, iris, signature, retina, voice, DNA code and many more.

 Dr.Sangvikar (Professor & Head, PUMBA,University of Pune , Pune)

Dr.Sangvikar expressed his views about current trends in the field of information technology & science. He discussed about the changing technical world that how the technology of the cell phone is changing day by day and how will be things in the near future can’t predict, but it will depend upon the demand of the users and the technical gadgets which will be produced by companies.

“Challenges in Data Warehousing & Data Mining”

: Mr. Srinivas rao

Team Lead, Fujitsu Consultancy. Pvt.Ltd

Mr. Srinivasrao shared his views on different aspects of Transactional data, OLTP and dta quality issues. He covered various phases of Data Warehouse life cycle and clarified the importance of Business Intelligency in IT & other sectors. It was overall a very interesting session.

After the first session, the lunch break was announced, where all participants enjoyed delicious food.