1. By Madhavi M. Mutha

In our daily life we cannot deny the importance of medicines and healthcare facilities. Have you ever imagined who has developed medicine by doing research day and night which your doctors prescribe you? Yes these people are often come from either B.Pharmacy or M.Pharmacy in education background. Not only in research B. Pharmacy and M.Pharmacy qualified professionals also play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between doctors and pharmaceutical companies which develop the medicines by visiting the doctors or hospitals and doing marketing of their medicines. Hence career wise also B.Pharmacy and M.Pharmacy have lots of scope in research as well as marketing of medicines. If you are looking to opt this field as your career option then first thing comes to mind is which is the best college offering these courses.

The Charak College of Pharmacy & Research, Wagholi, Pune is best B. Pharmacy college in Pune. Hence when you take admission into this institute you will get best faculty and best facilities for your course as per your curriculum and you will learn those subjects and skills which will empower you to be best fit to choose your career from many options like in Research, Drug Discovery, Clinical Trials, Academic Teaching, Marketing or Govt. Jobs or you can even go for doctorate if you wish.

The JSPM wagholi campus has the academic culture and provides education in Pharmacy, Engineering, Management, Schools. The eco friendly campus is the highlighting feature. Sitting at geern lush lawn in the evening after college hour is something unexplainable experience at JSPM. The WIFI connectivity makes us to interact with the other world.

  1. ByBadal P. Dosi

 Graduation is upon us!!! In my previous years here, graduation hasn’t really exercised any weight on my mind. Freshman year I barely even knew any seniors, and sophomore year I was too busy in a whirlwind transition from my last final on Friday to my first day at my internship on Monday to notice much of what was going on in anyone else’s life. But this year, I have noticed. In fact, “graduation” has been a looming, ominous presence in my mind for most of the last semester. I think this is largely because 1) the nextCharak Pharmacy graduation after this one is going to be mine and 2) many of my closest friends here (other than the ones in my own class, of course) are very suddenly and very abruptly embarking on the rest of their lives.

I’ve learned that everybody has something valuable to contribute to the conversation. It’s not healthy to always feel as if you possess the best answer to any situation, and at Charak Pharmacy one learns that everybody else has their own answers that draw upon their own knowledge and experiences. In the only English class that I’ve taken here I was always afraid to speak up, because it isn’t my area of expertise.

Charak Pharmacy College has taught me what I’m good at, and what I’m not. Charak Pharmacy has also taught me that everyone is good at something, and that just because their area of expertise doesn’t correspond with your own does not mean that it is inherently less valuable. Strangely enough, the most prestigious college in the world has taught me how to be humble. That’s one lesson from Charak that I never expected to learn.

And in a few weeks, I’ll also learn something else important: how to say goodbye to people that you care about. I didn’t even cry at my high school graduation, because I had confidence that in the years ahead we would all continue returning to the same place and that there would be ample opportunity to share our adventures and experiences with each other. But at Charak Pharmacy, everyone disperses after graduation to whichever far-flung career position that their collegiate excellence has netted them. Keeping up will be hard, and costly, and it can be difficult to maintain relationships with people when you don’t see them every night in the dining hall. Despite the difficulty, I fully intend to maintain my relationships with my graduating friends, and I hope that they want the same.

Because Charak Pharmacy has taught me something else incredibly valuable: the virtue of having people in your life that you can enjoy it with, people to celebrate your successes, commiserate in your failures, and to pick you up when you hit the ground. My friends at CharakPharmacy have done that for me, and I have faith that they’ll do that in the years ahead. After all, we’re all “one of them” now – we’re all Charak Pharmacy students, and the bonds that we formed here and the lessons that we learned unite us in spite of our differences.