The EDC is an initiative of the JSCOE founded for the development of exotic entrepreneurship development among the students and makes them self-efficient in shaping their future. The center is intended to enrich the potential entrepreneurs with detail business knowledge about the various assets and entities involved in the business and there by achieve social and economic development. The center will serve as a prime meridian in linking the student and the upcoming entrepreneurs with the real business world.We are part of the “National entrepreneurship Network”.The National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), founded in 2002, is a not-for-profit initiative of the Wadhwani Foundation, working to inspire, educate and support the next generation of high-growth entrepreneurs in India.

NEN was co-founded by five of India’s premier academic institutions: IIT Bombay; IIM Ahmedabad; SP Jain Institute, Bombay; IBAB, Bangalore and BITS Pilani. Over the past three years, NEN’s focus on introducing a new paradigm in entrepreneurship education in India — and its innovative method of doing so — has made it its leading catalyst on campuses across India.

NEN’s ultimate goal is to help launch thousands of new entrepreneurs, who in turn will create hundreds of thousands of much-needed valuable jobs for India.

This cell would aim to develop a spirit of Entrepreneurship amongst the students and provide them opportunities to interact with entrepreneurs ,venture capitalists and angel investors.



            To be a cell of prime excellence which fosters entrepreneurial skills development and create dynamic and vibrant entrepreneurs among students serving for the socio-economic development of the society.
            To promote business development through by providing high quality training and assistance, financial support, promotion and implementation of schemes under guidance of faculty members to convert ideas into business.
1.      To create an innovative and self-sustaining enterprise.
2.      To Promote Earn and learn scheme.
3.      To convert an innovative idea into a business plan.
4.      To contribute to the fulfillment of educational and training needs.
5.      To keep an abreast of the current and future trends by industry participation and research.
6.      To redefine and refine the scope of the business plans.
7.      To develop an industrial hub for the generation of new business and job creation.
·      EDC Team


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