Admission 2016-2017

Rules for Admission to First Year of Post SSC Diploma Courses in Engineering

Choice Code

(1st shift)

Choice Code

(2nd  shift)

Course Name 1st Shift 2nd Shift
642719110 642719120 Civil Engineering 120 60
642724510 642724520 Computer Engineering 120 60
642737210 642737220 Electronics and Telecommunication Engg 120 60
642761210 642761220 Mechanical Engineering 240 120
642729310 Electrical Engineering 60

For Admission related Enquiry Contact 

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Mobile Number
1 Prof. Vijay Sawant 9763777777
2 Prof. S. N. Patil 9011064506
3 Prof. Dubey A. N. 7276806562
4 Prof. Otari V. K. 9226336860
5 Prof. Khankar K. B. 9920455149
6 Prof. Inamdar A. S. 9545589993

Admission Cell 
020 – 67335107
020 – 67335100
020 – 65101491



Eligibility criteria for Maharashtra State/ Outside Maharashtra State / Jammu & Kashmir Migrant/ Government of India Nominees/ Candidate for admission to First year of diploma courses in Engineering/ Technology:

Candidate should be an Indian National and should have passed the SSC (Std.X) examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education or its equivalent, with subjects Maths /Mathematics, General Science and English, with minimum 35% aggregate marks.


The term ‘aggregate marks’ used here shall mean as follows


  1. For Maharashtra State Board Candidates:
    I. The candidates who have passed SSC Examination prior to March 2016, theaggregate marks shall be grand total of marks obtained by the candidate in any 5 subjects where he/she has scored maximum marks.
  2. The candidates who have passed SSC Examination after March 2016, theaggregate marksshall be total marks of 5 subjects taken into consideration and mentioned on the Mark sheet.

III. Candidates who have passed Maths/Mathematics (Code 71 for Maharashtra State Board Candidates) and Science & Technology (Code 72 for Maharashtra State Board candidates) are only eligible for admission.

  1. In case marks against sports activities are given on the mark sheet, these shall be added to the aggregate marks for deciding merit


  1. For ICSE Candidates.
    a.Student seeking admission on the basis of Group 1 & Group 2 subjects only, theaggregate marks shall be the grand total of marks in any of the 5 subjects from Group 1 & Group 2 where he/she has scored maximum marks.
  2. Student seeking admission on the basis of Group 1, Group 2 & Group 3,aggregate marks shall be the grand total of all subjects from all groups.


  1. For CBSE Candidates
    Theaggregate markmeans the grand total of marks obtained by the candidate, including all subjects as declared on Mark sheet.
  2. For CBSE/ICSE Candidates:
    In case the result of the candidate is given in terms of grades, such Candidates are required to submit the graded result into the equivalent marks authorized from the concerned institute /Board. Candidates passing SSC from other than State Boards or Central Boards shall bring equivalent certificate from Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE).


Reservation for Backward Class Candidates

The distribution of the seats available under General Admission Process as prescribed in DTE amongst the various backward class candidates from Maharashtra State are as per the details given in the table below. Backward class candidates shall claim the category to which they belong at the time of application.


If a candidate fails to claim reservation for backward class on the application and subsequently claims reservation at the time of admission by producing necessary documents, such claim shall not be considered.

The seats for admission through admission Authority are allocated as per the details in the table below.

Seat Allocation     Seat available for admission through individual Institute


District Level 70% seats 70% seats of the sanctioned intake capacity of each course in all polytechnic mentioned in Annexure ‘B’ is made for the candidates passing qualifying (Std X) examination from a school located in that district in which the polytechnic is Situated.
State Level 30% Seats 30% seats of the sanctioned intake capacity of each course in all polytechnics in Maharashtra State as mentioned in Annexure B is made for all Maharashtra State candidates. These seats will be filled on the basis of State Level merit list prepared by the respective institutes from amongst all the applications who have opted for 30% State level seats available in that institute.


Reservation of seats will be as per Govt. of Maharashtra rules

Sr. No. Category of reservation %  of Reservation
1. Scheduled Castes and Schedule caste converts to Buddhism (SC) 13.0
2. Schedule Tribes (S.T.) 7.0
3. Vimukta Jati (V.J.) And De notified Tribes (D. T.) 3.0
4. Nomadic Tribes (N.T.-B) 2.5
5. Nomadic Tribes (N.T.-C) 3.5
6. Nomadic Tribes (N.T.-D) 2.0
7. Other Backward Classes (O.B.C.) 19.0
Total 50.0