About Library

             The Library occupies a unique place in academic and research activities of the institute. It is perhaps the most important central facility provided by the Institute. JSPM’S Bhivrabai Sawant Polytechnic Library was established in the academic year 2006. The library has good collection of books related to various branches and general subjects like biographies, Personality Development etc.
The Library also has good collection of Print and Non- Print materials of technical Information such as CDs, DVDs & Floppies. The library is rich in terms of Journals & Magazines related to all branches. Our liabrary is also a membar of J.S.P.M.’s all campus liabraries British liabrary.



  • Entire library is primarily intended for the students staff of this college.
  • All students are expected to maintain silence in the library.
  • Personal belongings are not allowed in stack room, reference section.
  • Eatables are not allowed inside the library.
  • Students are not permitted to sit in library during their lectures & practical hours.
  • One library card will enable the student to barrow two books at a time. And he/she will responsible for the books barrowed on his/her card
  • Books will be issued only on production of library card.
  • Ensure to get issued the books on same day for which you have placed the demand slip. Otherwise, same books will be issued to next student.
  • Book/s are issued for one week. If a student fails to return book/s on before return due, he/she will be liable for a fine @ Rs.1/- per day per book.
  • Current issues of journals / Magazines will not be issued to student for tacking outside the library. However, the back issues of certain journals / magazines may issue for 2 days.
  • If a book is lost or damaged by barrower, a sum equal to the cost of procuring another copy of the book will be recovered.


  • Submit your College I cards before entering reference section.
  • Enter your name in the reference section daily entry register
  • Personal belongings are not allowed inside reference section. Only you can take notebook and pen.
  • If you want to take your personal books for reading inside the reference section, show it to library staff while entering and exiting reference section.
  • Collect your I Card every time while leaving reference section.
  • No books will be issued from reference section. Only some books will be issued on special cases with the permission of Librarian.
  • Kindly switch off your cell phones inside the reference section


  • Submit College Identity Cards before entering digital library
  • Personal belongings are not allowed inside the digital library
  • Only one CD will be issued at a time on College I Card for one day.
  • Place the demand slip for CD three hours before borrowing.
  • Late fee of Rs.3/- per day will be charged for late return of CD.
  • Check the CD before borrowing it.

Salient Features:-

 1. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).
 2.Library Automation Software : AutoLib.
 3.Fully Air Conditioning reading room of seating capacity of 200.
 4.Reprographic Facility

Monday – Saturday Upto the end of the term of each semester. 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Monday – Saturday During Preparation Period and Examination 8.00 am to 6.00pm

Mr. Hemlata Ganesh Chowdhary.
Email ID : hemlata.chowdharry17@gmail.com

Mrs. Shivaji Raghu Ghadge
Mobile : (+91)7709431075
Email ID : ghadge12shiva@gmail.com